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Palm Coast Monday, Mar. 4, 2019 7 months ago

Interim county administrator proposes potential short-term solution for Plantation Bay water

Jerry Cameron said adjusting the chemicals added to the water could make it more palatable.
by: Jonathan Simmons News Editor

The water quality at Plantation Bay has bothered residents for years, and the county government has been preparing to seek millions of dollars in state grants to upgrade the community’s county-owned water plant. But the county’s new interim county manager, Jerry Cameron, has come up with a potential short-term solution that might take just a few thousand dollars and immediately make the water more palatable.

"The really attractive thing about this is trying it doesn't cost us much. ... We believe that it would give immediate relief."

— JERRY CAMERON, interim county administrator

“We believe that by changing the way we have some of the lime and other substances, we can greatly decrease [taste problems],” Cameron said after a County Commission meeting March 4. “The really attractive thing about this is trying it doesn’t cost us much. ... We believe that it would give immediate relief.”

Handling the water problem inexpensively is especially important, Cameron said, because the county may now need to make expensive repairs on the Plantation Bay wastewater plant, which has a damaged tank — and is therefore a top priority for funding. 

Cameron has discussed possibilities with the Rural Water Association. The county, he said, has been using solid lime in the plant, but could move to a liquid-injected lime that would more efficiently settle heavy metals in the water.

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