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Palm Coast Thursday, Jan. 20, 2011 8 years ago

I wuz thinkin' ... about local golfers

by: Jock MacKenzie Contributing Writer

Many years ago in downtown Boston, a bar owner by the name of Izzy Ort gained a huge slice of popularity via a sports column he allegedly wrote in a leading paper.

The print that intrigued me was the column title, “I Wuz Thinkin’.” What you read below is my version of that theme.

I wuz thinkin’
Golf is so blessed to have people willing to give every ounce of themselves toward devastating causes that affect so many.

I’m thinking of golfers like Marcia Hayton, of Grand Haven and the Grand Club, who works night and day to raise funds for the fight against Alzheimer’s. They need sponsors and people — lots of them. If any of you think that’s easy, take a turn at the wheel yourself. While there, wish her a happy birthday!

I’m thinking of people like Mary Page Slovak, Terry Gibson and Marie Sposa, of Grand Reserve. They have enough to do running the ladies golf league, but that doesn’t stop them from donning the boots of help while asking for support in the fight against breast cancer. I’m thinking, too, of Connie Lynch, who gives her all for the same cause at the Pine Course.

I’m thinking about someone like Bob Ross, the most giving individual I’ve known. Tell Ross you need help and he doesn’t ask where or when. He just says, “Yes, I’ll do it all.”

Then you have Bob Schultz, the recent Hall of Famer and director of the Pine Lakes Men’s Golf Association, who takes care of every minor and major detail week after week. Schultz’ reincarnation is Ross, a superb giver for others and a pretty darn good golfer to boot, now that he has rid himself of a frustrating over-the-top swing.

Then there is Stew Manthey. While watching as he burned up the front nine at Pine with a 42 and holding his ground the rest of the way, I could only think how lucky the Sludgehammer golf group is to have him. This accountant jumps in for everything good, from special help toward golfers, to whale watching. His golf has turned the corner so well that if Izzy Ort was here, he might accuse Manthey of taking lessons from wife Alice, whom he admits is a lot better at it than he is.

Anyhow, this and more is what I wuz thinkin’.

JOCK MACKENZIE is a three-time hall-of-fame broadcaster from New England. Contact him at [email protected].

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