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Palm Coast Monday, Apr. 24, 2017 2 years ago

I witnessed the response to the bomb scare at Carrabba’s

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Dear Editor:

I happened to be a patron at Carrabba’s on April 13 when a bomb scare was called into that restaurant. I have never been involved in a similar incident.

The establishment was evacuated quickly and calmly by the Carrabba's staff. Once outside, the Flagler County Sheriff's deputies, as first responders, were in place on the perimeter to calmly relocate us to safe areas away from the restaurant. They remained with the patrons throughout the ordeal and had a professional and calming influence. As the K-9 dogs arrived to sweep the interior of the restaurant, I was able to get into my car and leave the scene.

As I left along Cypress Edge Road, I was surprised to see many more responders on location prepared for action if needed. On standby were fire trucks, rescue squads and more Flagler County Sheriff’s deputies. They were using the area near Walmart’s parking lot as the staging area for these extra emergency vehicles and responders.

It was, in my view, a well-rehearsed situation which they were able to put in place quickly and competently. I felt a feeling of pride for being a part of a community where our first responders are prepared and ready to secure the public safety in a competent and professional manner. Thanks to all of our officials and responders who were involved in this.

John Parkes

Palm Coast


After death, organ donation helps family grieve

Dear Editor:

Josephine and Dick Dervan pose for a photo in 2015. Dick died in March 2017, and his family was comforted somewhat to know that he helped others as an organ donor. Photo courtesy of Josephine Dervan

A few hours after my husband, Dick, died last March, I received a call from the organ donation group in Orlando. My husband's name was in an organ donation database because he had made that notation on his driver’s license.

Because my husband's major organs were not in good condition and he was an older man, I was surprised to learn that they were interested in harvesting any body parts. However, his corneas and bone grafts were taken for future donations.

Although we were sad about the loss of my husband, the family was happy to know that others would benefit from his passing.

Organ donations are as simple as checking off a box on your driver’s license application.

Josephine Dervan

Palm Coast


Flagler’s alcohol-impaired driving deaths are troubling

Dear Editor:

The Palm Coast Observer reports that 42% of driving deaths in Flagler County are alcohol-impaired. That’s 150% of Florida's 28% and 323% of the U.S.'s 13%. I have clipped and placed this in my wallet next to my auto insurance ID card so that when it is time to renew, I won't have to ask my agent the reason for the outrageous increase in premium.

David Klayman

Palm Coast


More effort needed to recruit better restaurants

Dear Editor:

As the money from Palm Coast continues to flow to Daytona, St. Augustine and other places with good eating establishments, another Taco Bell expansion was just announced in Palm Coast. Many residents were hoping that some upscale eateries would be put in new Shoppes at Palm Coast, at State Road 100 and Belle Terre Boulevard. But, another fast food joint is going up. Looks like the money will continue to flow out of the city!

City Council needs to get off their butts and attract more than fast food eateries. How many fast food places are enough?

Dennis Talbot

Palm Coast


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