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Palm Coast Saturday, Apr. 14, 2012 8 years ago

Having a passion for the game

by: Jock MacKenzie Contributing Writer

When Bubba Watson said in a press conference, “Hopefully, I keep having the passion to play golf and keep doing what I’m doing,” it struck home because every one of us whacking away on the links feels the same way.

No, we are not contenders to such as Bubba, Phil Mickelson or golf heroes of the past like Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. Hackers are what most of us are, but we love swinging the club — good, bad or indifferent — just as much as they did or do now.

Every day, I’m one of those watching golf on TV or skimming the driving range, looking for that little secret that will make me better. The special part of my game is meeting someone I haven’t seen in months or years, like when Ray Good caught me eyeing the shrimp freezer and made my day with conversation. I thoroughly enjoy seeing the wonderful people of local golf.

Golfers I meet come from all locations, including Pine Lakes, Grand Reserve, Palm Harbor, Cypress Knoll and the beautifully conditioned Grand Haven Golf Course. And the joy is that it happens from today’s golfer and dates back to those of 15 years ago.

Speaking of golf courses, the people of the Pine and Cypress courses have to be doing a lot of things right to completely sell out every Easter serving as they did.

Now it’s almost time for the Trinity Challenge tournament, when another sell out is predicted. It’s not scheduled until May 26, at Pine, but applications are pouring in.

Another course drawing more and more attention these days is Grand Reserve. First, most of you would be amazed at the numbers who play a course in Palm Coast once a week. But another group at Grand Reserve hits the course on Wednesday or Saturday for a two-a-week schedule.

The golf course is a bit easier for most of us but is in excellent condition and a ton of fun to play.

Last, if I were nominated to name Golfer of the Year, my choice would be easy. Take a bow, Maggie Campbell. You could have seen her playing golf way back at Palm Harbor, Pine Lakes or working night and day to run a special tournament honoring city officials for the good they do.

But each year at income tax time, she gives all of this up to recruit qualified people to work for hundreds of elders.

Simply said, Campbell is a special person — and I’m not the only person who will tell you that.


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