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Palm Coast Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012 8 years ago

Hall of Fame nominations being accepted

by: Jock MacKenzie Contributing Writer

Excuse me if I get a little romantic about an upcoming event at the Pine Course.

The event, which will take place about five months from now, will impact about 400 golfers on Nov. 1.

That’s when Hall of Fame nominations will be accepted, and it could be one of you reading this today.

When the University of New Hampshire was the first of three to extend the honor for me, I never felt worthy. I was young, sports broadcaster, and somewhat ashamed to be paid this tribute. Why me? I felt undeserving.

Yet, this week — a good 45 years later — an invitation arrived, as it does each year, for a return for celebration and recognition honors along with other Hall of Famers.

You see, the award never goes away.

Just ask Harry Davis, Ginny Nicewonger, Bob Schultz, Deb Crowley, Jerry Edwards, Bob Ross, Marcia Hayton, Bob Sieling, Toni Loretti and Helen Perlman.

As years progress, the memory is bigger and better. Some years down the road when their head hits the pillow, they’ll smile and think, Hey, I’m a Hall of Famer.

One day, it will hit home that this honor is one of the best feelings of their respective lives.

So, golfers: Get out your pen and forward your submission to Dora Garcia, 400 Pine Lakes Parkway.

Matanzas Pirates golf
If the Matanzas Boys golf team has the quality of Carter Subers — and I believe they do — then I’m buying.
This young man, a junior, is shooting in the very low 70s, but that’s not the class I’m thinking of.

I met him about five years ago while playing Hammock Dunes with his dad, John, and Elmer Stainbrook. But I haven’t seen or talked to Carter since.

Then during the Lion’s Club Tournament, at Palm Harbor, this young person with a bag of golf clubs attached to his bike was watching from the walkway next to a set of tees.

One golfer of our foursome went to him and asked if there was anything he needed.

“No”, he said. “I’m waiting for Jock.”

I didn’t have recognition at that moment, but Carter Subers smiled, we shook hands, talked for a bit, and my day was made.

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