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Working Mamas
Palm Coast Thursday, May 7, 2020 1 year ago

Gratitude for the quarantine

Life as a Working Mama in Flagler County.
by: Megan Farrell Contributing Writer

It’s 5:13 a.m., and I’ve been up for two hours. This quarantine insomnia I’ve been experiencing lately is no joke! People are losing their jobs. People aren’t getting to see their families. People are dying! It’s almost impossible to not feel stressed or anxious.

Spending 24/7 with my beautiful boy, Elijah, over the last 47 days has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. But at the same time, it’s been one of the most challenging things my husband, Brady, and I have ever done. It’s affected our routines. It’s affected our work. It’s affected our marriage. But growth and strength don’t come from life being easy.

We have had to be intentional with our thoughts and actions. Writing in my gratitude journal daily has become essential to my inner peace. Making sure that we have designated “work time” has positively impacted not just our business, but our relationship with Elijah. The time I spend with Brady connecting and focusing on each other — without the baby or business — has strengthened our relationship and taught us skills we didn’t have before. Communication has been more key now than ever. 

How does a flower grow? You plant a seed and you bury it. Do you think it’s easy for it to make its way out of the dirt? No! But when it does, the results are beautiful.

I know this season is hard, but we will make it through. 

You will make it through.

 Keep searching for the blessings in everyday, and you will find them. I can’t wait to see what beautiful things bloom from this season of life.

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