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Palm Coast Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011 9 years ago

Golfing for fallen soldier

by: Jock MacKenzie Contributing Writer

Tom Brand and his fellow members of the Palm Coast Elks Lodge are sponsoring a golf outing at the elite Conservatory Golf Course on April 9 and it deserves attention for more reasons than one.

The event is in honor of Sgt. Zachary Walters, of the Marine Corps, of Lodge 2709 on Old Kings Road.

The beneficiary is the Army of Hope in Florida, which supplies our deployed military with everything from financial help to hot-water heaters, clothes dryers, car payments, baby sitting assistance, auto insurance, medical travel, home care after being wounded and much more.

Walters graduated from Flagler Palm Coast School in 2005 and joined the Marine Corps the next day. He shipped out for Iraq in May, just days before his birthday.

Walters died at age 24, in Afghanistan combat operations.

As high ranking army officers have told me, in war the young are meant to die. Shocked? So am I, a Purple Heart combat veteran.

It’s also a higher reason for each of us to make every effort and play this tournament at the Conservatory. Entrants can pay tribute to Walters and our underpaid soldier families by calling Tom Brand at 446-9628 or 446-2709 (Elks Lodge).

With Walters in mind, the $100 golf entry fee is small potatoes.

The holy grail of golf — holes-in-one, that is — were dropping in Palm Coast the past three weeks like June Bugs in a flood light.

Dan Bowles started the rush back on Jan. 15, acing the eighth hole at the Pine Course from 146 yards out with a 4-iron.

Randall Jorgensen then got the February blitz underway when he popped loose for an ace at the Cypress Course. Jorgensen flung a 6-iron for a 173-yard ride into the cup on the 11th hole.

One day later, two holes-in-one were banked on the same day at the Pine Course. David Schlink notched his at the 12th hole from 165 yards away with a 4-iron.

Then, the Pine Course heard more roars and applause when Ryan C. Barr took the eighth hole from about 163 yards with a 6-iron.

Now that this golf honor is known, how many of you are asking, “How come not me? When does my ace come into play?”

Tip of the day
PGA Pro Eric Gonzales is praised for the golf teaching he does at Cypress with Little Links, a Flagler County golf teaching program, and with anxious individuals who want to improve their game.

He responded to our request with this tip:

“My tip of the day is to take a slower back swing. It sets a nice tempo for the rest of the swing. Too many of my students rush the golf swing.”

Gonzales can be reached at 437-5807 or 437-5877.

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