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Palm Coast Thursday, Dec. 9, 2010 9 years ago

Golfing for a cure

by: Jock MacKenzie Contributing Writer

You don’t expect to see ace golfers such as Marcia Hayton extend themselves while bolstering an important cause, but that’s what this popular lady of local golf does.

Oh sure, you see her on the golf course winning this tournament or that because she is so darn good at this game. But have you checked what else she does?

When she puts her head on the pillow at night, the most important thing in her mind is a drive to help cure that devastating disease, Alzheimer’s.

If this frightening illness has struck someone in your family, you know how demoralizing it will be — how it can bring caretakers down to a level nearing insanity.

What Marcia Hayton does is promote and run a tournament to raise funds so that others may work for a cure.

This year she has 160 golfers signed to play at in January, at Grand Haven. She hopes to raise $10,000.
If you are a merchant in Palm Coast or Flagler County, if you are a family who has faced Alzheimer’s, call Hayton and be a sponsor. That’s her greatest need right now. Call 445-2327.

Courses for sale
Writer Toby Tobin has kept all in golf fully aware that Duke Energy, the actual owner of Grand Haven and Grand Club courses under the name Crescent, made the decision to pull out of Florida. Thus, it’s no secret potential buyers for local entities have been swarming all over these popular venues and employees are on worried tiptoes.

The voice of reason for any buyer has to be the jackpot of quality in front of them: a staff of Allen Howell, Dora Garcia, Cindy Jackson, Mike Tsouklaris and Eric Gonzales, to name a few. You can buy the fairways and greens, but a solid staff is really the prize.

George Pollio
If you chose to create a career in New England sports and broadcasting, as I did, you are well aware that the Boston Red Sox are the Holy Grail of life. So it is for Flagler pharmacist George Pollio, who could easily qualify as their top cheerleader.

So, when this University of Connecticut grad nailed his third hole-in-one this past week while playing the Cypress Course with Harry Davis and Al Parker, there were far more than cheers. There were deep bows and flags flying.

This ace came using a 7-wood from 150 yards out from the 11th hole. He previously popped aces on the 11th, at Cypress, and at The Swallows, in DeBary.

That, my friends, is yet another reason why Red Sox fans are cheering today.


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