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Palm Coast Saturday, Sep. 15, 2012 8 years ago

Golfers all around come together to donate

by: Jock MacKenzie Contributing Writer

When the heart took over and I just had to relate the importance of what Barry Keeffe’s group does for charity, I quickly found this was merely one side of the bed.

Knowledge of charitable efforts by golfers flooded my computer and I was ready to shed tears of happiness.

Jerry Fletcher, for example, was quick to note me that the Tuesday Elks golf group playing Grand Reserve has been doing this phase of charity for several years.

Fletcher, a part of our golf circle way back when ITT owned Palm Harbor and four other golf courses here, told me that the Elks players have a close to the pin contest with half of the entry going to charity. The Elks golfers fund $15 to $20 a week toward the charity fund and each time they reach $100, it’s donated to one of five charities they support.

What I’ve learned from this flood of charity reports is that Palm Coast is one beautiful city in which we are lucky to live with a heart of golfing gold.

Here and there
Playing Pine Lakes this past week, an couple rode through cart paths only as we did for all 18 holes. Approaching me after they completed the round, they wanted me to know how pleased they were with their round. My word, I thought, how could they. The course is soggy and not a walk in the park.

“This is a lovely course,” they said, “and we enjoyed playing here.”

It turns out they are from Montreal, Canada, on vacation and staying at Flagler Beach.

Bob and Draha Pick was the couple.

“We enjoyed the golf course so much and will come back again before leaving and next year when we return. You’re lucky to have a course this good.”

Thank you, Canada, for leaving an impression we should have known all along.

And last, today, a salute to Col. Jerry Edwards on scoring his sixth hole-in-one during Pine Lakes Men’s day tournament on the 12th hole with Glen Martin, Bill Nelson and Rodney Russell leading the cheers.

Other aces were scored at Palm Harbor, Cypress Knoll and Ocean Hammock. He also is a Hall of Fame inductee in Palm Coast.
Another of these cherished events came off the club of Pat Cook while playing with the Matanzas Women’s Golf Association. She struck the cherished number on the 14th at Cypress Knoll.

And above all, hello to Bill Levchuck, Rick Mcardle and Willard Anderson.

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