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Palm Coast Sunday, May 26, 2019 1 year ago

Golf Scores: May 30 edition

Check out the latest golf scores from around Flagler County.
by: Ray Boone Contributing Writer

Cypress Knoll


May 24: Low Gross (32): Team Cypress: Doug Brown, Henry Angle, Kayle Fisher and Wayne Berry; First Low Net (29.1): Team Moody: Mike Moody, Pat Moody, Frank Mento and Marie Mento; Second Low Net (29.8): Team Carneiro: Cathy Carneiro, Manny Carneiro, Jan Carr and Lory Jimenez; Third Low Net (30.4): Team Smith: Zak Smith, Lara Smith, Rick Bosang and Chuck Ruppel; CTP: No. 14 Jim Mays, No. 18 Frank Mento.


May 20: Hard 12 (1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 15, 16, 17) 1/2 Handicap: First Flight: Debby Crowley 50.5; Second Flight: Alice Manthey 56; Third Flight: Einie Stine 58; Chips: No. 14 Judy Ivey, No. 16 Bea Franchini.

Grand Haven


May 21: Revert to Par: First Flight: Margaret Subers 63, Barbara Mott 64, Kaye Boyer-Ryan 66; Second Flight: Pet Pettingell 61, Sandy Pearson 63, Judy Riley 64; Third Flight: Marion Schile 63, Suman Bhat 64, Sharon Hogue 65; Red Flight: Pat Driscoll 59, Zita Corum 60, Terry Wager 60. 

Palm Harbor


May 22: Best Nine (front or back): First Green Flight: Bruce Anderson 30, Ron Rivas 33, Acacio Reis 33.5; Second Green Flight: Jon Peterson 31.5, Manny DaSilva 33.5, Herb Hiers 34.5 M/C; Third Green Flight: David LeBoeuf 31.5, Dan de la Vega 34 M/C, John Yuschock 34 M/C; First White Flight: Dick Robison 29.5, Bob Fleury 32.5 M/C, Jim Travers 32.5 M/C; Second White Flight: Rick Lord 29 M/C, Dennis Setting 29 M/C, Dennis Spillane 33 M/C; Third White Flight: Mike Jackson 27.5, John Conde 29.5, Bill Provident 33 M/C.


May 21: Scramble and Luncheon: First Place:  Beth Todd, Barbara Lawson, Ann Steele and Harriet Trad; Second Place: Gail Burton, Patti McClintock and Diane Bushfield; Third Place: Janet Estey, Leslie Fisher, M.A. Nickoloff and Sharon Turnblad; CTP: No. 2 Debra Roggero, No. 8 Shay Hall, No. 11 Nancy O'Dell, No. 17 Diana Toomalatai. 





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