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Palm Coast Thursday, Dec. 2, 2010 8 years ago

Golf Scores


Better ball net
Green Flight
Fran Crotto is on such a roll he may never again return to his upper-Maine winter hideaway. Coming off the thrill of his second ace, he scorched the field at 59 with the aid of a blind draw from the field.
Kitch Ludy and Steve Hammer were in for second at 62 and Peter Kuchinsky third with the same score.

White Flight
Chuck Modica/ Brian Richle 59
Art Wight/ Greg Hauck 64
Bill Havsky/ Anthony Raval 65

Niners low net
Flight A
Dee Stevens 34
Elaine Studnicki 34
Flight B
Marilyn Millar 31
Joyce Jackson 33
Flight C
Marilyn Alexander
Gerry Jacques
Ladies 18, low net
Flight 1
Vilma Munari 66
Linda Heinke 71
Flight 2
Carol Ross 72
Joanne Edwards 75
Flight 3
Dora Covelli 75
Dot Eriksen 77
Low net
Flight 1
Deb Crowley was missing, and that gave us Jan Graham in one of her best games, a first-place win with a nifty 71. Karen Joyce was second with 74.

Flight 2
Pat Kawa 71
Sonya Sapp 72.

Flight 3
Connie Lynch 71

Flight 4
Judy Ivy 75
Gloria Wilkins 75

Monday game
Flight 1
Marianne Schuettler 27.5
Sharon Walter 30
Shay Hall 31.5
Flight 2
Michele McGann 28
Norma Deans 29
Sandy McCarthy 30
Flight 3
Linda Block 29
Kay MacCalla 30.5
Friday ladies
Flight 1
Shay Hall 38 gross
Nancy Rupert 30 net
Karen Varriale 33 net
Flight 2
Mary Page Slovak 48 gross
Judy Williams 35 net
Flight 3
Linda Block 48 gross
Evelyn Dutton 30 net
Marilyn Alexander 31 net
Two-man, best ball
Flight 1
Shelby Lee and Mickie Man staged a fight to the finish with John Sbordone and Hall-of-Famer Harry Davis, with both teams shooting 64. Lee and Mann won the card match for first. George Druttman and Larry Guidi were another stroke back, good for third.

Flight 2
Don Bach and Bob Sieling, a terrific combo, were the stars of the day despite the above performances. They combined to shoot 63 and win the race. George Druttman and Larry Guidi were third at 65.
Flight 3
John Maino/ Frank Hopler 59
Gary Philips/ Jim Kennard 64
Ed Millar/ John Graff 67
Gold Flight
Jerry Conner/ Bob Schultz 60
Dick Hoover/ David Joy 65
Basil DiGregoria/ Tony Forte 66

Turkey in the Oven
Joan Callahan/ Joan Zicht/ Fran Chiodo 129
Glenna Pruitt/ Peggy Shreve/ Christa White 135
Sara Lockhart/ Pat Smith/ Marcia Munsterman 135

White Flight
Dan Malloy 30
Paul Libutaque 31
Al Parker 31
Orange Flight
Bob Sieling 29
Sal Rapisarda 29
Al Costello 29
Gold Flight
Joe Merz 32

— Jock MacKenzie


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