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Palm Coast Saturday, Mar. 16, 2013 7 years ago

GOLF SCORES 3.16.2013

by: Jock MacKenzie Contributing Writer

March 12: Chicago points. Flight 1: Harry Davis 44, Ed McLeavey 38, John Sbordone 37. Flight 2: Bill Nelson 38, Willard Anderson 36 Jerry Fazzini 34. Golf Flight 1: Dave Schlink 39 m/c, Gordon Patrick 39, Bob Sieling 35 m/c, John Maino 35, Ed Namen 35. Gold Flight 2: Frank Hopler 45, Gene Dunn 38, Don Bach m/c, Jere Dorney 37. Gold Flight 3: Russ Brown 41 m/c, Bob Ross 41, Dave Knight 40 m/c, Rick Hornberger 40, Tony Forte 40. Closest to pin: Harry Davis, Nos. 2, 8 and 12; Shelby Lee, No. 16.

Nine and dine
March 10: (49 golfers) Gary and Pat DeGrave, Larry and Nancy Chaltry gross 66. Rich, Nick and Karen Brodeur net 55.4. East Flight: Terry and Valerie Smith, Jay and Arlene Wagner gross 37. Roger and Christine Carter, Rudy and Glenda Rasmussen net 29.5 m/c. South Flight: Steve Bickel, Jack Kowalski, Ron Smith gross 35. Closest to pin: Glenda Rasmussen, No. 5; Nick Brodeur, No. 9; Wayne Hatch, No. 11; Connie Lynch, No. 14.

Nine and dine
March 12: (63 golfers) East Flight: Guy Sawyer, Joyce Hamlin, Bill and Sue Bays gross 32. Andy and Gabby Vanatta, Denny and Joan Kerr net 27.6. West Flight: John and Mary Franz, Rick and Jane Stefany gross 33. Frank and Betty McDonough, Bruce and Karen Jones net 27.5 m/c. South Flight: Vern Stallings, Rodney Murrell, Marshal Brown gross 35 m/c. Closest to pin: Karen Brodeur, No. 5; Tyrone Chichester, No. 9; Jerry Vurpillat, No. 11; Karen Jones, No. 14.

March 11: Par 4s. Flight 1: Deb Crowley 47, Nidia Farrell 47.5. Flight 2: Marie Mento, Phyllis Sieling 46, Gerry Bell 49.5, Flight 3: Carol Ross 46, Bea Franchini 48.5.

March 13: Best three sixes. David Studnicki, Tony Maltese, Dan Tearpock, Nos. 6 and 18. (Tie) Jim Canfield, Ken Danhoff, Mike Joyce and Kee Rhee, Stew Manthey, Jock MacKenzie, No. 12.

March 13: One, two and three best balls. Flight 1: Hawley Rogers, Lee Spancake, Jim Porter and Bruce Hinman 112, Steve Tosh, Harry Hasty, Phillip Pearson and Dick Haines 115, Jim Robinson, Joe Palermo, Bob Perry, Darrel May 117, Ron Walker, Tom Driscoll, Tom Smith and Dough March 117, Otto Bohmueller, Tom Richards, Ted Kolva and John Kantakevicius 118. Closest to pin: Hawley Rogers and Terry Donhue, No. 5, Tom Richards and Dick Haines, No. 8; Bob Malone and Bruce Hinman, No. 14; Steve Tosh and Terry Donahue, No. 17.

March 13: Flight 1: Rich Varner 43, Gerry Bower 40, Jack Williams 38. Flight 2: Walt Fraedrich 39 m/c, Don Gendron 39 m/c, Joe Turiano 39. Green Flight: Jerry Digiovanni 44, Art Yunker 43, Bob Stanton 37. Closest to pin: Rick Sibole, No. 4; Rich Varner, No. 10; Doug Merritt, No. 13.

March 11: Rally for the Cure — best ball scramble. 1st Barbara Cvetko, Carol Keeler, Judy Saxton, Mimi Lenio 69. 2nd Emily Clewner, Diane Fountaine Michele McGann, Janice Peterson 70. 3rd Joan Gray, Diana Mariano, Anne McWalter, Teri Simon 71. Closest to pin: Diane Fountain, No. 4.

Nine-hole league — women
March 11: Throw out two holes. Flight 1: Jean Elliott 27, Barbara Crosy 28, Liz Tinder 31. Flight 2: (Tie) Betty Sabatino and Marge Bailey 26. Louise McGuire 34. Closest to pin: Barbara Crosby, No. 4.

— Jock MacKenzie


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