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Palm Coast Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014 6 years ago

GOLF SCORES 2.20.2014

by: Andrew OBrien Contributing Writer

Feb. 4: Pick partner within eight strokes. Flight 1: Sand Strong/ M.A. Nickloff 60, Mary Choat/Fran Knoedler 63. Flight 2: Kathy DiGiore/Ann Steele 59, (tie) Patti McClinktock/Helga Ghazi and Donna Drevniok/Patti McClintock (blind draw) 61.

Feb. 11: Pick two 5s, five 4s, two 3s. 1st Flight: Holly Pond 26.5, Fran Knoedler 27, Linda Heinke 28. 2nd Flight: Ann Steele 27, (tie) Carol Ross and Patti McClintock 30.5, (tie) Donna Drevniok and Elaine Ganelez 31.

Feb. 4: Stableford. 1st Flight: Rodney Russell 35, Harry Davis 31, (tie) John Delaney and Geo Pollio 30. 2nd Flight: Geo Druttman 40, David Kaufman 35, Harvey Lydecker 32, Leo Blessing 32. 1st Gold Flight: Gordon Patrick 35, Foster Vestal 34, Dale Bell 32. 2nd Gold Flight: Jere Dorney 34, Frank Hopler 33, Frank Mento 33, (tie) Bob Hunter and Bill Cavanaugh 31. 3rd Gold Flight: Bob Ross 32, Tony Forte 30, Bernie Sheridan 28. Closest to pin: Charlie Salerno, No. 2; Frank Mento, No. 8; Bob Ross, No. 12; Dave York, No. 16.

Feb. 11: Chicago points. 1st Flight: Rodney Russell 40, John Delaney 39, Mickie Mann 37, Harry Davis 35. 2nd Flight: David Kaufman 39, Geo Druttman 37, Charlie Salerno 35, Bill Nelson 35. 1st Gold Flight: Dave Schlink 42, Jerry Fazzini 39, Foster Vestal 38, Ed Namen 36. 2nd Gold Flight: Gene Dunn 39, Frank Mento 38, Al Amara 37, Frank Hopler 37. 3rd Gold Flight: Jere Dorney 39, Tom Clutter 39, Ed Mylis 38, Tony Forte 37. Closest to pin: Gene Dunne, No. 2; John Delaney, No. 8; Dave Schlink, Nos. 12 and 16.

Nine and dine
Feb. 11 (78 players): East Flight: Tony Berning, Jeanie Schreiber, Ray Amara, Diana Leonetti gross 32 m/c; Corky and Margaret McMullen, Vern and Lorraine Romero net 25.6; George and Geri Kelly, Tom and Pam Voges second net 26.6. West Flight: Herb and Rose Hiers, Dave Cummings, Cheryl Cannon gross 33; Dick and Judy Corsetti, Bernie Nix net 29.7; John and Anne Karlberg, Jim and Judy Rulon second net 30.2. South Flight: Steve Bickel, Fred Robinson, Tony Bellantoni, Ron Smith gross 34; Marshall Brown, Rodney Murrell, Byron Steward net 32.2. Closest to pin: Jeanie Schreiber, No. 5; Paul Puskas, No. 9; Bernie Nix, No. 11; Cheryl Cannon, No. 14.

Feb. 6: Par 3s and par 5s. Flight A: Ophie Cordero 12.5, Kari Hopler 15.5. Flight B: Pinky Wulf 13.0, Naida Reyes 14.5.

Feb. 3: Hate ’em. (Before play, pick two holes you hate and subtract from total score.) Flight A: Shay Hall 71, Diane Brown 74, Mimi Lenio 75, Judy Saxton 79. Flight B: Barbara Cvetko 85, Wanda Eller 86. Flight C: Harriet Trad 88, Diana Mariano 92. Closest to pin: Diane Fountaine, No. 4; Mimi Lenio, No. 13.

Feb. 10: Nine-hole league — Pick six holes before going out. A Flight: Shirley Thieser 19, Jeanne Elliott 24, Susan Huffiness 25. B Flight: Marge Bailey 19, Fran Paslowski 22, Gail Palmer 25, (tie) Marilyn Alexander and Susan Raybine 26.

Feb. 6: Chicago points. White Flight: George Druttman 83-40. Orange Flight 1: John Sbordone 82-38, Dave Schlink 94-33. Orange Flight 2: Harvey Lydecker 104-32 m/c, Walt Twyman 102-32. Gold Flight: Frank Mento 90-42 m/c, Bob Sieling 85-42, Stew Manthey 93-31. Closest to pin: Bob Sieling, No. 5; Jerry Fazzini, No. 9; Ed McLeavey, No. 11; Rodney Russell, No. 14.

— Andrew O’Brien
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