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Palm Coast Saturday, Dec. 8, 2012 7 years ago

GOLF SCORES 12.8.2012

by: Jock MacKenzie Contributing Writer

Dec. 5: Four-man teams/shamble. Flight 1: 1st Tom Driscoll, Dennis Emerick, Roger Somerville, Rich Oorlog 66. 2nd Turner Lett, Bob Stansfield, Richard Morse, Mike Ryan 67. 3rd Bob Aiken, Tom Smith, Dick Haines, Roland Robichaud 68. 4th Don Tarrence, Jim Lynch, Walt McRae, Jerry Garnett 68. 5th Bob Mehl, Ed Gormley, Mike McEnerney, Phil Pearson 69. Closest to pin: Paul Gillis and Mike O’Brien, No. 5; Tom Pruitt and Turner Lett, No. 8; Bob Mehl and Jerry Garnet, No. 14; Dennis Emerick and Jerry Chiddister, No. 17.

Club Championship
Dec. 1-2: Overall champions: Rick McArdle and Kathy McArdle 147. Trophy Winners: Silver A Flight (gross): Richard and Deanna Frank 147. 2nd: Mark and Donna McEvoy 148. Silver A Flight (net): Paul and Karen Gillis 130. Silver B Flight (gross): 1st Jim and Pat McClellan 152. 2nd: Bob and Amy Lamb 165. Silver B Flight (net): Rick and Chrysta White 129. White Flight (gross): Brian and Barbara Edwards 172. White Flight (net): Tom and Pat Smith 146.

Dec. 4: Team shamble. 1st Kenny O’Connor, Susie Samson, Leslie Fisher and Mia Marchio 110. 2nd Pat Smith, Alice Ebbenhorst, Elaine Worsfold and Sheila Tebbano 112.

Toys for Tots
Dec. 3: Flight 1: Debby Crowley and Jan Graham 60, Carolyn Orr and Mary Ann Nickoloff 61, Kim Evans and Julie Pellegrino 64. Flight 2: Sonya Sapp and Karen Gillis 58, Linda Mahran and Patte Garofalo 61, Alice Manthey and Rita Miller 65. Flight 3: Kari Hopler and Pinky Wulf 60, Eine Stine and Nancy Lee 63, Joan Chirgwin and Abby Wyckoff 64. Closest to pin: Debby Crowley, No. 5; Kim Evans, No. 9; Pam Gosselin, No. 11; Kim Evans, No. 14.

Nine and dine
Dec. 4: East Flight: John and Rose Berger, Jim and Gendra Sennello gross 31. Bruce and Karen Jones, Don and Jane Ray net 26.2. Rich and Mike Gueren, Tony and Lil Catoggio second net 27.1. South Flight: Howard Jennings, Rodney Murrell, Byron Steward, Jim Freeman gross 36. Most Honest: Phil and Carolyn Zampella, Jean Youngblood, Sharon Neilan 40. Closest to pin: Pat DeGrave, No. 5; Byron Stewart, No. 9.

Dec. 5: Chicago points. Flight 1: 1st Steve Thompson, 2nd Bill Levchuk, 3rd Tony Taylor. Flight 2: 1st Walt Fraedrich, 2nd Paul Dean, 3rd Roger Epperson. Green Flight: 1st Don Wike, 2nd Herb Hawkins, 3rd Bob Stanton. Closest to pin: Bill Levchuk, No. 4; Jack Williams, No. 10; Charlie Brown, No. 13.

Dec. 3: Low putts. Flight 1: (Tie) Shay Hall and Sue Argabright 32. Flight 2: Barbara Cvetko 32, Janice Peterson 34. Flight C: Mary Page Slovak 33, (tie) Emily Clewner and Kay MacCalla 38. Closest to pin: Diana Mariano, No. 4.

Nine-hole league
Dec. 3: Low putts. Flight 1: Liz tinder 17, Peg Whitmill 18, Harriet Trad 20. Flight 2: Pat Nordling 19, (tie) Carol Keeler and Marilyn Alexander 21. Flight C: Betty Sabatino 17, Gail Palmer 18, Fran Paslowski 19.

Dec. 4: Partners. 1st Mary Lou Keener and Nancy Plum 66, 2nd Carolyn McLaughlin and Patti McClintock 67, 3rd Judy Pope and Kathy DiGiore 69, 4th Dot Eriksen and Joanne Edwards 69, Fran Knoedler and Kathy Devanna 70. Closest to pin: Kathy DiGiore, No. 17.

Dec. 4: OSSEN. Flight 1: Shirley Sheridan 19.5, Norma Kappel 21.5. Flight 2: Gene Thrower 20.5, Denise Watson Farley 21. Flight 3: Margie Lawler 17.5, Marianne Morton 19.5.

Dec. 5: Chicago points. Flight 1: Barbara Bergquist +2. Flight 2: Rita Miller +5. Flight 3: Alice Manthey +2. Flight 4: Patte Garofalo +8.
­­— Jock MacKenzie

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