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Palm Coast Saturday, May 12, 2012 8 years ago

Going beyond the game

by: Jock MacKenzie Contributing Writer

There are times in golf — Tiger Woods and Rory McElroy are two examples — where youngsters are blessed with gorgeous golf swings at young ages.

Jacob Baldwin, a 16-year-old Palm Coast resident, could someday be included in the group of golf’s young phenoms.

The home-schooled Baldwin is a member of the Matanzas High School golf team.

The interesting part of Baldwin’s story is not what his handicap is or what his scores are. It’s what he does for the game of golf as a human being that is commendable.

Although, for the record, his best round is a 77 and his top nine-hole score is 36.

He also works part-time at the Palm Harbor Golf Club as a member of the cart staff. His work ethic is exceptional.

Baldwin received his introduction to golf from the prominent First Tee Program, in St. Augustine. The best part is he volunteers his time back to the First Tee every Saturday without fail — a rare event for anyone, let alone a 16-year-old. It appears Baldwin never forgets those who gave him an opportunity.

How he finds the time to play high school golf, participate in tournaments, practice his game and study for school all at once is mind boggling. But that very dedication is what makes him a special person.

Remember, greatness is never given. It’s earned. Perhaps Baldwin has taken the first step toward the upper echelons of golf.

Trinity Challenge
The Trinity Challenge will be May 26, at the Pine Course. Cost to play is $70. All proceeds will go to Trinity Presbyterian Church to help Flagler’s needy.

Tournament leaders Henry Angle, Joyce Chmel and yours truly hope you’ll sign up this week.

Another valuable effort is that of The Golf Group at Cypress. Also, under Barry Keefe’s direction, two scholarships were given to FPC and Matanzas seniors.


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