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Palm Coast Saturday, Jul. 21, 2012 9 years ago

Giving back to a community, golf style

by: Jock MacKenzie Contributing Writer

Today is the day to show some long overdue respect.

Barry Keeffe never asked for it. No member of The Golf Group bent my ear. They just calmly take a portion of prize money generated each week from golf play, as they have been doing for two years, and re-direct it to charities in Palm Coast. They have never asked for thanks or even the above respect.

These are a group of golfers ranging from 40 to 60 in numbers, Grand Club members and nonmembers who play at Cypress on Mondays and Wednesdays. This past May, they awarded two scholarships to high school seniors, one at Matanzas and one at Flagler Palm Coast.

Additionally, contributions are provided for the local food bank, The S.T.U.F.F. Bus and other charities.
Plans are to expand scholarship offerings next year.

The Golf Group encourages other golf teams to give back, too. It only takes a small portion of weekly prize money.

If anyone out there wants to stand up and be a part of this terrific group, contact the Cypress Course pro shop and leave a message for Keeffe or Henry Angle at 437-5807.

So, take a bow, Golf Group members. Each and every one of you. Respect of the highest order is yours.

The summer lull
Ever wonder why summer golf participation takes a dive like Michael Phelps in the Olympics? It’s called snowbirds. But go play Grand Haven, and you’ll think golf has been struck by magic. The course is in such beautiful shape that you have to wonder whether word came down from above.

How to try and play it? Give a call at 442-327. Tell them you have a tournament in the works and need a good course at a decent price. You’ll like what you hear.

Grand Reserve officers selected
The Grand Reserve men’s golf league came up with a trio of gems via its latest election of officers.

Charlie Brown, among the favorites in golf and a prominent member with the Palm Coast Elks Lodge, was elected as president. Jerry Fletcher, another favorite, was voted secretary.

Steve Sprehe, popular and talented, accepted the post of treasurer.

By the way, consistent players offered me this description of Grand Reserve: “The golf course is in gorgeous condition.”


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