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Palm Coast Monday, Oct. 12, 2015 4 years ago

Get out of your comfort zone; report domestic violence in Flagler County

More than 106,000 cases were reported last year, but many cases go unreported.

By Gail Wadsworth
Guest Writer

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. The Florida Court Clerks and Comptrollers appreciate this opportunity to ensure everyone is aware their county clerk’s office is accessible as a local resource to community members who are both directly and indirectly affected by domestic violence year-round.

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, there were more than 106,000 cases of domestic violence reported in the state of Florida last year. While this statistic is alarming enough, the numbers only continue to increase when factoring in the countless incidents of domestic violence that go unreported by victims.

In order to eradicate this senseless violence, we must hold ourselves accountable to take action within Flagler County in hopes of improving these statistics. We need to forego the “comfort zone” and the “it’s none of my business” mindset, and, instead, commit to never remaining silent upon experiencing, witnessing or hearing about incidents of domestic violence.

It is important that we remain vigilant in serving as advocates and support systems for victims,

We need to commit to never remain silent upon experiencing, witnessing or hearing about incidents of domestic violence

while we continue working to put an end to domestic violence at home. Florida’s Court Clerks strive to be a dependable resource to victims and witnesses, and are keenly sensitive to the needs of domestic violence survivors. We approach these cases with the seriousness and urgency they deserve and are committed to assisting victims, with complete confidentiality and discretion, throughout the entire process of filing reports and connecting victims with advocates.

Domestic violence affects all Floridians, and the Florida Court Clerks are determined to protect community members and lend a helping hand for those in need of domestic violence assistance. We work very closely with local law enforcement and the Family Life Center to ensure that both safety and justice are achieved for victims and their families when a domestic violence incident occurs.

Especially during this month, help us to raise awareness, educate the public and spread the message that domestic violence is never justified. Visit for contact information for all of Florida’s 67 clerks offices and for more details on how your local clerk can help.

Gail Wadsworth is the clerk of the Circuit Court and comptroller in Flagler County.

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