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Palm Coast Friday, Jan. 10, 2020 6 months ago

FPC student, 15, arrested for battery on school staff for second time since last August

The teen pushed a teacher who was trying to break up a fight. He has been charged with felony battery.
by: Guest Writer

By: Shannon Martin
Public Affairs Officer, Flagler County Sheriff's Office

On Thursday morning, Jan. 9, a school resource deputy at Flagler Palm Coast High School responded to the report of a fight between two students. 

“We will not tolerate any kind of violence inside our schools. If you batter school personnel or other students you will be charged."


— RICK STALY, Flagler County sheriff

As Deputy Williams approached, he observed Mr. Rhoads, a teacher at FPC, attempting to break up the disturbance before being struck in the back by a 15-year-old student.

Deputy Williams then observed Mr. Rhoads restrain the 15-year-old against the wall with the assistance of Dean Erin Davis. 

While the 15-year-old was being restrained against the wall, he again began actively resisting the efforts of both school staff members who were trying to keep him away from the fight and in a safe manner.

As Deputy Williams approached them, he observed the 15-year-old shove Davis before being successfully restrained against the wall. 

Upon reviewing school video footage, it was discovered that before this incident the 15-year-old student was observed at another location unsuccessfully attempting to entice another student into fighting him.

This is not the teen's first arrest for assaulting school personnel. 

The 15-year-old student has previous felony charges from August of 2019 for battery on school personnel pending a February court date.

Similar to this incident, those charges came after school personnel attempted to break up a fight between the teen and another student on the FPC campus. 

“I am thankful that the school resource deputy was able to intervene before the situation escalated even more,” Sheriff Rick Staly said. “We will not tolerate any kind of violence inside our schools. If you batter school personnel or other students you will be charged. I hope this is a wakeup call for this juvenile and he gets the help he needs or the courts and the Department of Juvenile Justice take his violence seriously.” 

The 15-year-old was placed under arrest and transported to the Sheriff Perry Hall Inmate Detention Facility. He is charged with battery on school personnel, a felony.

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