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Palm Coast Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019 7 months ago

Former planning manager supports Falgout as next Palm Coast city manager

Also in letters: kudos to Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly.
by: Guest Writer

Dear Editor:

I urge the City Council to select Beau Falgout as our new city manager.

I hired Beau as a senior planner when I was the city’s long-range planning manager. The city advertised for a senior planner with a masters degree in planning. Beau had recently earned a bachelors degree in business and was working on his master’s in planning. I urged Human Resources to employ him and give him six months to complete his planning degree. He had the distinct advantage of having an understanding of planning issues as well as business and finance. 

I envisioned Beau as a valuable asset to the city to help implement the city’s Comprehensive Plan and other planning projects. I knew that Beau would be (and is) very dedicated to the city with the ability to successfully multitask.

Beau was assigned to update the Comp Plan’s capital improvement element. As part of his assignment to implement the plan, he worked with the Florida Department of Community Affairs, the Flagler County School District, the State Road 100 Tax Increment Financing Plan, and represented the city on the Flagler County Economic Development Council.

I retired as the city's long-range planning manager several years ago and have watched his continuing advancement and dedication to the city. I encourage the City Council to select Beau Falgout to guide the city as it continues to implement Palm Coast’s goals, objectives and strategies to make it one of the most livable, financially solvent and progressive cities in Florida.

Jennifer Ingels

Palm Coast


Kudos to Sheriff’s Office for keeping us safe

Dear Editor:

My husband and I just wanted to say kudos to our Flagler County sheriff, Rick Staly, and his deputies for the recent apprehension of a dangerous criminal in our area and for getting him off our streets, as was reported in your article about the capture of Michael Moore, an “America's Most Wanted” felon. No one can know what laws he may have continued to break in our neighborhoods or who may have been injured by this man.

Some might suggest the situation could have been handled with less response, but we feel the sheriff did exactly what should have been done, with a heavy show of force and not letting this repeat offender get away.  

We have been impressed with the entire Flagler County Sheriff's Office and the way they are cracking down on crime to keep our community as it should be, safe for walking trails, riding bikes, and living safely in our homes in Palm Coast. We love it here after just three years and hope our law enforcement people know we appreciate their continued hard work.  

Rebecca Aguilar

Palm Coast


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