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Palm Coast Sunday, Dec. 23, 2012 7 years ago

Flagler's schools could relay safety information via Internet


Flagler County Public Schools officials, law enforcement personnel, parents and the community at large may soon be able to monitor school campuses with just a click of a mouse, the Sheriff’s Office announced on Friday.

Officials from the school district and the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office command staff met earlier this week to exchange ideas for posting the status of each school campus in a format that could be accessed by the public.

During a recent incident involving a threat to a local high school, officials from both Flagler Schools and the Sheriff’s Office recognized there were some problems with erroneous information being disseminated to the community.

“We recognized that parents and the community were receiving confusing information, so this meeting was aimed at resolving that issue,” said Chief David O’Brien, of the Sheriff’s Office. “Some of the confusing information was coming through Internet social media sites, where information being passed around was based on rumors or inaccurate information.

“We are looking at adopting a uniform system that will disseminate information through use of the Internet. This will make it simple for anyone to check the status of any school campus by using their laptop, smartphone or iPad. Any device with Internet capability can be the tool used by parents, school administrations and law enforcement personnelfor immediate information,” O’Brien continued.

The goal, according to those attending the meeting, is to make it easier and far less stressful for concerned folks to know what is happening on any school campus during an emergency or threatening situation.

Additional planning sessions will be scheduled, and once a plan is adopted, a public education program will be launched to explain how to access the program.

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