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Palm Coast Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2019 3 years ago

Flagler Schools should focus on more important issues than dress code

Dress code is too great a financial burden, writes an FPC alumnus.
by: Guest Writer

(Editor’s note: The following was in response to the Palm Coast Observer’s story on the dress code in the Aug. 1 edition.)

Dear Editor:

Flagler County school district, I am very disappointed in you! Why don’t you focus on allocating taxpayers’ money to field trips and focus on student starvation/poverty, focus on academic achievement through positive reinforcements?

I myself proudly worked to give back to my peers through numerous ways. I created the “Bulldog B.U.G. Award” that Is awarded to students who show grade improvement. I also worked with head of the Flagler County schools food department to better school lunches after our former first lady made a disaster across our nation.

You enforce so many rules that students don’t even want to go to school! They don’t feel comfortable and feel as if they can’t be themselves and express themselves through their fashion. You have the audacity to ask parents to go out and buy more clothes that fit your dress code policy, even though times are hard enough financially. The amount of single parents that work their a---- off to support their children in Flagler County is outrageous!

Work on minimizing the bus stop mile marker so our school transportation isn’t driving past kids that live 1.9 miles away from their school. What’s sad is their parents are paying taxes so those buses can operate! So many issues!

Change is desperately needed.

Darryl Boyer

Palm Coast


Facebook feedback

In response to the Palm Coast Observer's post reporting that suspect Benjamin Allen, 16, will be tried as an adult for the shooting death of 17-year-old Palm Coast resident Elijah Rizvan, readers wrote the following on Facebook:

Anne Jones Another wasted life.

Toni Lee I don’t know. I do know it’s heart breaking, and sometimes they are a "product of their surroundings," but from what I heard from studies, your brain isn’t fully developed until twenty something. I just think parents or guardians need to be held to some degree of these minors’ actions... just my opinion.

Ellie Schmidt Such a sad situation, but I think I’ll wait for the actual guilty conviction.


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