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Palm Coast Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2020 2 weeks ago

Flagler Humane Society's pets of the week for Nov. 16

You might find you like Kale after all . . .

Updated 8:21 p.m. Nov. 17

Flagler Humane Society's featured adoptable pets for this week: three dogs dressed to impress.

First, Lucy is an affectionate 8-year-old lady who has some moments of high energy and excitement (especially if you're holding a tennis ball) but won't mind taking a nap with you or just chilling on the couch while you watch TV. She loves everyone she meets.


Next, Teddy is a sweet, older gentleman who went through a lot and is looking for a loving, calm home where he can finally enjoy his life. He's 11 years old, neutered, male terrier-hound mix.


Clutch was recently adopted!


Kale is a sweet senior boy looking for a second chance at the life he deserves. While he has some limits to his vision, it doesn't stop him from being right next to his people and soliciting all the love and affection he can get! He is an excellent walking partner that still has plenty of play left in him--though, he'd rather just lounge around with you.  

To find out more about adopting a pet from the Flagler Humane Society, visit:


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