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Palm Coast Tuesday, Jun. 13, 2017 3 years ago

Flagler Family Life Center recognizes men taking a stand against domestic violence for Father's Day

People who made a minimum $30 donation to Family Life Center could nominate an upstanding man in their lives.
by: Paige Wilson Community Editor

As Father’s Day approaches, Family Life Center in Flagler gave locals the opportunity to make donations to honor the men in their life who are taking a stand against domestic violence.

Family Life Center CEO Trish Giaccone wanted to create a more inclusive conversation about domestic violence by recognizing the need for men to also step forward to protect the community and to honor the men who already do so.

Those nominated were given the title of defender or quarterback, based on the donation amount received. The donors were able to list the man being recognized as In Honor Of (IHO) or In Memory Of (IMO).

The titles’ football theme is based on a quote from Troy Vincent, NFL Executive Vice President and advocate for ending domestic violence, which was said in a recent editorial: “We all have the power to help eradicate domestic violence. Instead of turning away, we must step forward. As men, we must speak up and say, 'Domestic violence will not happen in my home, in my neighborhood, on my campus, on my team, in my workplace or in my circle of family and friends.'”

Father’s Day cards will be sent out to the men being recognized. Sandy Hollett, Family Life Center community relations coordinator, honored her late father, Rev. Earle T. Hollett, on the list with a donation in his memory.

“He helped shape who I am,” Hollett said. “He did it by the way any father does — by the way he lived his life every day, by the way he treated my mom as an equal partner.”

Hollett has been working at Family Life Center for nine months after previously being employed as a social worker. She urges the community to use Father’s Day as an opportunity to recognize the men in their lives who encourage peace in the home.

“Our hope is that if someone thinks domestic violence does not affect them or that they cannot make a difference, these men who have stepped forward ask that everyone think of their mother, daughters and sisters,” Hollett said.

Family Life Center is Flagler County’s certified domestic and sexual violence resource. The 24-hour helpline is 437-3505.

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