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The burn ban in Flagler County has been lifted. STOCK PHOTO
Palm Coast Thursday, Feb. 3, 2011 8 years ago

Flagler County lifts burn ban


The burn ban in Flagler County has been lifted, but officials are urging residents to maintain precautions when burning outdoors.

Flagler County has lifted the countywide burn ban as a result of recent rainfall and more in the forecast, but officials are warning residents to continue to take precautions when burning outdoors.

Flagler County Fire Rescue Chief Don Petito said in a Feb. 2 press release that conditions are still ripe for wildfires and a few weeks of dry weather would put the county right back into a ban on open burning.

“That allows us to spot fires when they are small and douse them with the helicopter water bucket,” Petito said. “And if need be bring in Forestry and ground crews to stop the fire in its tracks before it becomes a threat to the more populated areas of the of the county.”

The ban was enacted Dec. 21 and is reevaluated each week. Weather conditions and the Division of Forestry’s Drought Index are used to determine whether conditions require continuation of the ban.

The drought index was 638 when the county enacted the ban last month. The index runs from zero,which is totally saturated, to 800, which is desert-like conditions. As of Monday, Jan. 31, Flagler County averaged 312 on the scale, with some areas as low as 123 and others as dry as 674.

The ban under state law declares a local state of emergency and affects all county residents whether they live in a city or in the unincorporated areas of the county.

City residents should check with their respective governments for additional city regulations. Agricultural open burning requires a permit from the Division of Forestry.

For additional information, contact Flagler County Fire Rescue at 313-4200.

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