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Long-range weather forecasts predict dry and windy weather until, at least June.
Palm Coast Sunday, Apr. 24, 2011 9 years ago

Flagler burn ban continues until at least June


Conditions continue to worsen, and the forecast for rain is not promising, according to a recent county release.

“Flagler County’s fire danger continues to remain very high due to the dry conditions that have persisted over this area,” Flagler County Operations Chief Mike Bazanos said. “It is because of these dry conditions that we find it necessary to maintain Flagler County’s burn ban.”

A 300-acre wildfire off the Old Brick Road in western Flagler County, one of the largest in the state, is not currently active, but hot spots continue to smolder, officials say.

Windy, dry weather fronts also remain a concern.

“It’s still very dry in many parts of the County,” Bazanos said, “and over the past few weeks we have seen gusty wind. This combination increases the danger of wildfires spreading.”

Forecasts from the Division of Forestry show a weather pattern more conducive to regular afternoon thundershowers come June.

The emergency ban, which applies to all Flagler residents, outlaws outdoor open flames with the exception of contained barbecue grills. Penalties include a warning for the first offense and fines of up to $500 or 60 days in the County Jail for subsequent violations.

The law specifically bans the use, sale or discharge of fireworks including sparklers; open burning, use of open fire pits and containers; parking vehicles with catalytic converters in high grassy areas and throwing flammables from vehicles.


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