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Palm Coast Tuesday, Jul. 19, 2011 8 years ago

Flagler Beach resident accepted to film festival

by: Shanna Fortier Associate Editor

Flagler Beach resident Orion Christy wrote and directed the short film, “Decadere,” which has been selected for exhibition at the July 23 15 Minutes of Fame International Film Festival of Short Films, in Palm Bay. 

“No, it's not Hollywood, or the big time in any way,” Christy said. “But it's a break from the tedium, that is Flagler — my home for over 20 years.”

The Journey
In October 2003, Christy was in film school at Full Sail University, in Winter Park, when George Romero, director of “Night of the Living Dead” (1968), came to speak.

Christy and classmate Michael Ponton were inspired by Romero's speech to act upon their mutual obsession with the undead to make a short film.

Meanwhile, back in Palm Coast, a friend, Dante Celico, had moved into an old, decrepit house that quickly earned the nickname, “spooky house.” Thus a shooting location was born.

With the acting abilities of Tristan Haigh and other Palm Coast friends, it was time to start production.

“We quickly prepared for and shot about 90% of the footage that we needed, but as school's intensity increased, we reluctantly decided to shelve the film, until another opportunity presented itself,” Christy said.

The production tapes, scripts and props remained untouched until nearly five years later, in 2008, when Christy’s boredom got the best of him.

“I stumbled upon the nearly forgotten footage and was inspired to complete my pet project," he said.

After putting together the footage he had, Christy posted the video online.

“Seeing the positive reaction received from everyone who saw it, I decided that I would then assemble the old cast and crew, then proceed to finally bring closure to the fiasco,” said Christy.

The original film release date was Halloween 2008. "Decadere: The Complete Cut" was submitted to horror festivals, with no response, until recently, when it was accepted to The Treasure Coast International Film Festival in April — and now the 15 Minutes of Fame International Film Festival of Short Films this month.

“Because of the positive reactions 'Decadere' received, I now find myself newly inspired to submit to festivals,” Christy said.

To watch the horror film, visit

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