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Ruby Sims, Yolaine Goodridge, Maxine Josey, Christine H. Robinson, Phyllis Henderson and Margaret Young prepared the seder meal.
Palm Coast Sunday, Mar. 31, 2013 7 years ago

First Church Easter prep begins with seder

by: Shanna Fortier Associate Editor

Immediately following Maundy Thursday Service Thursday, March 28, at First Church of Palm Coast, members of the congregation gathered in the education wing for a seder meal.

Before the meal, which has been a tradition at the church for the past 15 years, the congregation joined together to recite The Lord’s Prayer, and sing the traditional hymn “There’s a Sweet Spirit.” The meal, which included lamb, eggs and kharoset, was prepared by a group of volunteers led by Christine H. Robinson.

The seder arose out of a Biblical tradition to rehearse the Passover experience in an annual meal featuring the eating of the paschal lamb. It fits on Easter, assuming Jesus’ last supper was a seder.

“There is no church if there is no love,” the Rev. Roger Williams told the congregation during service. “Jesus’ examples today show us how to overcome our regrets of yesterday.”

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