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Palm Coast Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2012 5 years ago

Facebook policy: Be nice! No personal attacks!

by: Brian McMillan Executive Editor

The following was posted on Facebook Tuesday, Jan. 17:

Dear Facebook fans:

Thanks to everyone for your comments of late. It's been a very active page, and we are happy that our page is becoming a forum, more and more, for Palm Coast issues.

In some ways, we see each Facebook comment as a mini letter to the editor. Our policy is to publish all letters to the editor that are of general interest and about local issues. Personal attacks and obscenities are not published, on the grounds that they are not of general interest.

Please follow these guidelines when posting comments on our Facebook page, as well. Personal attacks can be saved for personal Facebook pages, if you must, but they are not welcome on the Palm Coast Observer page.

Hope this is understandable, and that it will encourage even more people to participate.

Again, thanks for your support. We set a goal to reach 3,333 fans recently, and we reached that number ahead of schedule. Next stop: 5,000!

We look forward to providing entertaining, timely and informative news to Palm Coast in the future. And as always, we welcome readers to post story ideas or news tips on our page.

--Brian McMillan
--Managing Editor
--The Palm Coast Observer


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