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Palm Coast Monday, Apr. 18, 2016 4 years ago

Don't look now – you have been adopted

The best pet isn't the one you adopt, it's the one that adopts you.
by: Jacque Estes Community Editor

I have written columns, had my own pet blog, and worked with humane societies for more than 20 years, and there are certain things I know to be true.

First: Puppies and kittens are adopted first. Litters come into shelters with moms, and the kids go first -- mom is left behind.

Second: Everyone is looking for a dog or cat of a specific breed or age.

I don't blame them. I too have my favorites. Right now it's Pembroke Welsh Corgis – only because that is what my son adopted from the St. Augustine Humane Society nearly 10 years ago.

My first two dogs were given to me, they were both purebred breeds –- with papers. I never really found a need for those papers.

The last dog type I would have gone into a shelter looking for, was a Labrador/chow mix with a squinty eye – but that's what my Shadow was. She was joined by Luna, a golden retriever/chow, and the two became my “girls.”

I have learned that letting the animal adopt me works out quite well. Oh I would love to have another corgi – absolutely – but if my pet adoption history has taught me anything, I need to be ready for the unexpected. Buddy, the new shorty Jack Russell in our pack, certainly meets that criteria. Now there's a dog I definitely never thought we would have. Now I can't imagine the household without him.

Another group that gets overlooked are those with special needs. No one wants shelters to euthanize animals, but what if no one wants the animals? Are the animals supposed to live in cages their entire lives? No, they are supposed to be surrounded by a loving family.

The Flagler Humane Society has two special needs kittens up for adoption.

Natalie and Stephanie came to Flagler Humane Society together. They are only a couple of years old, but Natalie tested postive for the feline leukemia virus. Stephanie is negative for the moment, but, since they came in together she has already been exposed. They have also bonded and are unhappy when separated.

FHS is hoping to find someone who wants to open their heart and home to these kittens. If there are cats in the home they would need to have to be feline lukemia positive. No one wants to infect a healthy cat. If that person is you, please go to FHS and meet these beautiful kitties.


Adoptable pets

Mr. Peabody, 31251898, is a 3-year-old, black male cat who is available for adoption at Flagler Humane Society. Courtesy photo
Oliver, 31042715, is a 5-year-old, male terrier mix who is available for adopt at Flagler Humane Society. Courtesy photo





Susie, 31170972, is a 2-year-old, female hound mix who is available for adoption at Halifax Humane Society. Courtesy photo.
Sweetie Pie, 30854494, is a 5-year-old, female cat who is available for adoption at Halifax Humane Society. Courtesy photo.


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