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Palm Coast Friday, Nov. 13, 2015 4 years ago

Dogs don’t have thumbs

But… you do!
by: Jacque Estes Community Editor

It’s a physiological fact. They have four paws, but not a thumb among them. Why, you might ask, is this important?

Without thumbs dogs are unable to hitchhike, throw a ball, pick up a lucky penny off the ground, or ---pick up their poop.

Dogs are anxious to please, if they had thumbs I am certain they could be trained to pick up after themselves. But they don’t, so they can’t.

Our dogs rely on us for many things, food, shelter, veterinary care, love and good citizenship. How many times have you heard, "that dog messed in my yard.” It isn’t his fault, after all that is one of the reasons he is outside -- to do his business.

I live beachside and take advantage of being able to walk to the beach as often as possible. On a recent morning walk I had to walk around dog doo doo ON THE SIDEWALK! Really folks? Once, after offering a cleanup bag to someone on the beach, I was informed the tide would wash it out. I had no response, well not a nice one, so I just shook my head and picked it up myself.

 People appreciate it when you pick up after your pup, and sadly many are amazed. During one walk with my dog he pooped one time more than the number of bags I had with me. Hmm what to do? I walked the dog home, got into the car and returned to the spot with a bag. It was on someone’s nice front lawn and as I was cleaning up the owner came out looking a bit upset until he realized what I was doing. Then he thanked me. Chalk one up for Pooch P.R.

Inconsiderate and lazy owners are everywhere. We always take Kodi with us when we travel and there are parks and rest areas that encourage dogs, some even provide cleanup bags, and still…..well I don’t have to finish that statement do I?

When we drove to Texas last year I discovered that Florida rest areas had discontinued providing cleanup bags. I guess they decided no one was using them. Thankfully we always carry a roll of bags with us.

Cleaning up is more than aesthetics. It should be done for health reasons for your pet. Parvo, a fatal virus that attacks the lining of the intestines, is spread by feces. Even if you have had your dog vaccinated, I strongly suggest you do not allow him to sniff other dog’s droppings. Oh and it’s disgusting.

Perhaps someone can explain it to me, because I am at a loss for this behavior. The people who are the problem have dogs, dogs they walk, even the same route. Don’t they want a clean area to walk their dog?

Here's my suggestion the next time you see someone not picking up after their dog: Tamper the rage that will rise up and smile as you stretch out your hand to offer them a bag. Sweetly shame them into it. If that doesn’t work, you can quietly do their job for them and toss it in the trashcan --- just to clarify where I want you to toss it -- the trashcan.

Enjoy your pups and believe in Karma. These folks are going to step into it one day.


Precious our guest pup this week. Courtesy photo

Precious is our guest pooch this week. Sorry she's not available for adoption, she is the happy pup of our own sports and business writer, Jeff Dawsey. Share your pet's pictures, dogs, cats, birds, even ferrets!! Send them to [email protected].


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