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Palm Coast Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2018 1 year ago

Do Palm Coast leaders realize residents aren’t wealthy? Readers react to Public Works proposal

Also in letters: endorsement for John Fischer and Amendment 6.
by: Guest Writer

Dear Editor:

In the Palm Coast Observer, I read that the city wants to build a new public works facility that will likely result in a tax increase on my electric bill. On the same page, it states, “Apartments planned for Town Center,” with the hopes of generating income and commercial businesses. Maybe we should wait for that income before spending and taxing the citizens for these projects.

There was also a proposed recreation center that thankfully someone realized was a waste of money. It seems every few weeks we have a new expensive project to worry about.

My property taxes went up again this year as they do every year. I received a 1.5% raise at my job this year, which barely covers my property tax increase, let alone all these other new proposed taxes.

Maybe the city leaders who make these decisions have great paying jobs with a decent annual raise and a nice bonus. However, I wonder if they realize there are many people here who survive on a fixed income. A lot of folks also have jobs that do not pay enough to keep up with all these tax increases. I am not aware of any great, high paying jobs in Palm Coast, the classifieds list mostly minimum wage service jobs.

I came to Palm Coast for a better more affordable life and I fear that is slipping away every time I read the newspaper. We need to get a grip on all this spending.

I am losing faith in the leaders of our city to truly consider all the people who live in Palm Coast, not just the wealthy who can afford these increases in taxes and fees.

Rosanne Demico

Palm Coast


John Fischer will be a strong voice for schools

Dear Editor:

I am writing to follow up on former candidate Carl Jones' endorsement for John Fischer. As a former Flagler County teacher — I retired last May after starting at Matanzas High School the year it opened — I know that teachers, students, staff, and administration like and respect Mr. Fischer. He knows what goes on in the schools because he is often around talking to teachers, students and staff.

Prior to teaching in Flagler County, I taught in Orange County for 11 years and had never met a school board member who knew and recognized me on sight — even going so far to ask me at Publix one afternoon how my teaching day had been!

John Fischer cares. I urge voters to come out to the polls and vote for Mr. Fischer. He will be a strong voice for the members of our Flagler County educational community.

Jeanne Nix

Palm Coast


While mayor, Netts was no friend to Florida Park Drive

Dear Editor:

Residents need the facts about a candidate’s record. Jon Netts’ political add says “Protecting Old Neighborhoods and Business Districts.”

The fact is, the “Old Neighborhood” of Florida Park Drive, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Palm Coast, was harmed during his two terms as mayor.

During Jon Netts’ term as mayor, traffic on Florida Park Drive, according to FDOT, exceeds 8,000 cars per day and 500 trucks per day. At no time did the city satisfactorily attept to control the traffic through the residential neighborhood. In fact, turn lanes from two parkways (Palm Coast Parkway and Palm Harbor Parkway) were added to funnel traffic through the residential neighborhood. This increased traffic just 60 feet from children’s bedrooms and 80 feet from children at play on the basketball courts of Holland Park.

Steven Carr

Palm Coast


Vote yes on Amendment 6

Dear Editor:

Kudos to Sheriff Rick Staly for his explanation and strong My View support of Amendment 6 in the Oct. 4 Palm Coast Observer; as well as the other law enforcement leaders and state attorneys throughout the state Sheriff Staly cites as supporting this amendment.

The fact that 32 other states already have such a law is a powerful statement to all law abiding Floridians. As Sheriff Staly points out, Amendment 6 does not take away any defendant rights; it only puts common sense rights for crime victims and their families into our state constitution. 

No doubt the vast majority of citizens have — fortunately — never been the victim of crime and hopefully, never will be. But anyone can find themselves the victim of a crime at anytime; and should that time ever come, all citizens need the basic victim rights this Amendment will guarantee. Don't be fooled by misguided opposition. Don't let crime victims be victimized again by failing to spell out their rights in our state constitution. Vote yes for Amendment 6. 

Don White

Flagler County


Resolution needed now in Cooper demise

Dear Editor:

I am very saddened to read that the saga with Cooper continues. The condition in which he is living is deplorable. The very arguments that we are fighting for with Amendment 13 exists with Cooper.

It is not humane to cage a dog for 23 hours a day with very little human interaction and no socialization. This has been going on for way too long and has become very costly. Cooper's fate needs to be finalized as soon as possible.

One would think we can address this at the state level, and he can be granted clemency by the governor or denied, and Cooper is put down. I do not like the idea of euthanizing a dog but his life and living conditions are not much better now. Let’s get this addressed immediately and move on.

Brian Rosen

Palm Coas

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