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Palm Coast Monday, Mar. 21, 2016 4 years ago

Do not buy your local humane society an Easter rabbit.

Six simple reasons not to give a rabbit to your kids this Easter.
by: Jacque Estes Community Editor

Easter is this Sunday, March 27 and before you start shopping for Easter baskets there is something you should know about bunnies. I bring this up because many people get rabbits for their children, believing they make good, easy-to-care-for pets.

I'll be the first to say that rabbits are cute, cuddly and much smaller than a dog. However, in my experience (of course we've had rabbits)

dogs are much easier.

Before you read further, please don't think I am suggesting to put a puppy in the basket either –- not unless you are looking for a family member that will still be living with you long after the children are gone.


Here are my six top reasons not to get a rabbit this Easter:

1. THEY ARE NOT TOYS. They are living creatures that need constant care.

2. They can live from 7 to 14 years. Rabbit ownership is not a short term commitment.

3. They are fragile. They may fit nicely in your child's hands, but their spines can be easily hurt, and if startled they can suffer heart attacks.

4. Those cute colorful cages you see at the pet stores are not nearly large enough. Rabbits need space to burrow, hide and exercise. Oh, and these cages need constant cleaning.

5. Rabbits are social creatures and need a friend, a spayed or neutered friend.

6. Most end up in humane societies after Easter when the novelty wears off and the parents realize how much care rabbits actually need.

If you took the money you would spend on a rabbit, a proper cage, food, veterinary care (yes they have to have medical care too), and spent it on a really nice stuffed animal and fancy Easter basket, you will still have money left over to take the family out to dinner.

One more thing: The above also applies to those cute fuzzy chicks, unless you live on a farm.


Guest pet of the week

Sherry Babbit found red acrylic paint spread throughout the house recently. She suspected one of her three dogs and finally got a “confession” from her white schnauzer Samantha. Caught red furred, huh Samantha?

Samantha "confessed" to getting into the acrylic paint. Courtesy photo




Adoptable pets of the week

LeeLee, 30696813, is a 2-year-old female terrier mix avaiable at Flagler Humane Society. Courtesy photo
Adopt -- don't shop. Bugsy, 30403155, is a 4-year old black female rabbit at Flagler Humane Society. Courtesy photo
Celia, 24679556, is a 3-year-old female chow mix available at Flagler Humane Society. Courtesy


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