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Pat Cadden shows psychic-medium Jonna Carlson pictures of her granddaughter Meredith Smith, during her reading.
Palm Coast Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012 6 years ago

Dinner with the Dead brings together skeptics and believers

by: Shanna Fortier Associate Editor

It was a packed house at Oceanside Grill, in Flagler Beach, Tuesday, Oct. 23, for Dinner with the Dead, an evening that paired psychic-medium Jonna Carlson and local author Becky Pourchot.

The evening was planned as a book release for Pourchot’s young adult paranormal adventure, “Food for a Hungry Ghost.” The book tells the story of a teenage girl living in Flagler Beach who has reluctantly acquired the ability to speak with a dead girl who resides in her new home. In spite of the ghost’s demands, the two quickly become friends, until the main character learns that being friends with a dead girl is never a good thing.

“My book is a lot of fun. Because it’s based in Flagler Beach, a lot of it is very familiar,” Pourchot said. “I was thinking about it, and it’s as much of a story about humans and what it is to go through life as a human, as it is about ghosts.”

The pairing of the medium, Pourchot thought, would bring together others in the community who are fascinated by the paranormal.

For Kathleen Smith, who came to the dinner with her mother, Pat Cadden, it was not an interest in the paranormal at all, but a desire to know that her daughter, Meredith, who was killed in an automobile accident this summer, was OK.

“I need to make sure she is alright," she said before the readings started.

When Cadden’s card was drawn for a reading, emotions overflowed the room. Grammy, as she is called in the family, sighed when the medium told her that her granddaughter did not suffer and that she is watching over the family.

Even strangers and those who do not believe in the paranormal had tears in their eyes.


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