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This is a section of the latest map released by emergency management.
Palm Coast Sunday, Jun. 12, 2011 9 years ago

Despite rains, Espanola Fire grows another 1,000 acres


The rains were heavy in the afternoon along U.S. 1, with visibility to a minimum through a windshield if you were driving 55 mph. But that rain wasn't enough to cause any real comfort for firefighters.

The Espanola Fire is now 3,800 acres and 30% contained. It remains the largest fire in Flagler County and has grown more than 1,000 acres in 24 hours.

The following is adapted from a release from emergency management:

Flagler County experienced no extreme fire conditions today. Fire suppression crews worked aggressively on maintaining and improving fire lines.

The concern was monitoring the weather conditions which brought lightening to some areas.

Rainfalls vary from 2 inches in an area just east of Andalusia, 1 inch in a small area southwest of
Bunnell, to 0.1 inches over the rest of the county.

Crews will be mindful tonight and tomorrow of potential lightening strikes that could cause additional fires. Crews will also continue to monitor potential changing wind conditions.

— Brian McMillan contributed to this report.


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