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Deputies say Roodlyn Mompremier, in jail on charges of aggravated assault in a July, 2013 machete attack, tried to have a witness murdered from behind bars. (Courtesy photo.)
Palm Coast Tuesday, Jun. 3, 2014 5 years ago

Deputies: Inmate tried to arrange murder from behind bars

by: Jonathan Simmons News Editor

A Flagler County inmate — locked up on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon after deputies said he tried to assault someone with a machete in July  — tried to arrange the murder of a witness from behind bars, deputies said.

The man, Roodlyn Mompremier, spoke with two other inmates about having his girlfriend’s brother killed, and made phone calls offering up to $10,000 to perform the hit, according to a Sheriff’s Office news release.

The phone calls and the conversations with other inmates were all recorded, according to the release.
“Our detectives conducted a thorough investigation which revealed this individual was serious about having the witness murdered,” Sheriff James L. Manfre said in the release. “It is a disturbing case and one we’ve taken seriously.”

Deputies charged Mompremier Tuesday, June 3 with solicitation to commit murder and with tampering with a witness.

Mompremier’s July, 2013 arrest came after deputies responding to a 911 call arrived at a P-section home and found 24-year-old Steeve Leveille gushing blood from cuts on his hand and neck.

Leveille — Mompremier’s girlfriend’s brother — told deputies Mompremier attacked him with a machete, swinging the weapon at his head and striking him instead on the neck when he raised his arms to defend himself, according to Sheriff’s Office reports.

Then another man punched Leveille as Mompremier tried to hit him again with the machete, Leveille said.
Mompremier and the other attacker fled when a neighbor came out of the house and said she was calling 911, Leveille said.

Leveille told deputies Leveille’s family didn’t approve of Mompremier’s relationship with Leveille’s sister, and that Mompremier had put “voodoo curse” on the sister and threatened and attacked Leveille, according to Sheriff’s Office reports. 

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