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Karen Vogt will be recognized by the Sheriff's Office for her actions. (Photo courtesy of the Flagler County Sheriff's Office)
Palm Coast Monday, Aug. 8, 2016 3 years ago

Delivering pizzas, and kindness: Mezzaluna driver Karen Vogt helps injured customer

Vogt will be recognized by the Sheriff's Office for her actions.

A Mezzaluna Pizzeria delivery driver sprung into action during one of her deliveries to help an older woman who fell and injured herself.

The driver, 26-year-old Karen Vogt, was making a delivery to a home in the Plantation Oaks subdivision on Old Kings Road when the woman who'd ordered the pizza didn't answer the door, according to a Sheriff's Office news release. 

The resident was a frequent customer Vogt knew because she came to the restaurant "pretty often," Vogt said in the news release. Vogt thought she'd heard a crash inside, and found a way inside the home to help out. 

The resident had fallen and hurt her wrist, and wasn't able to get up. So Vogt, who'd worked in an assisted living facility before she became a delivery driver, called Mezzaluna and asked co-workers to call law enforcement and send an ambulance while she waited with the resident.

Deputies and a Flagler County rescue unit arrived and helped the woman to a couch, and waited until her son arrived and took her to the hospital.

Sheriff's Office Commander Jeff Stuart, who was on the scene, praised Vogt's actions.

"If Ms. Vogt had not stayed to help, the victim could possibly have been on the floor until someone came to check on her," Stuart said in the news release. "I feel that Ms. Vogt went above and beyond to offer assistance to another person in need."

Stuart called Mezzaluna to tell the restaurant’s owners that he appreciated Vogt's initiative. The Sheriff's Office plans to recognize Vogt formally in the future. 

Vogt said — "shyly," according to the Sheriff's Office news release — that Mezzaluna was proud of her actions, as was her mom, who she called as soon as the incident was over. 

"I was glad that I decided to go in and not just leave," she said in the news release

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