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Palm Coast Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012 8 years ago

Deb Crowley, a hero

by: Jock MacKenzie Contributing Writer

I’m not a great decider in the world of issues or what’s right and what’s wrong. But this time, it’s a no brainer.

The incident I’m going to tell you about took place Sept. 25, at a private golf club on the seaside of New Hampshire.

The club, Cochecho, which is of Indian decent, is a beautiful layout where I and Palm Coaster Bob Jones spent tons of years hacking the golf ball, sometimes good, but mostly bad.

This story is one of heroics.

A very popular lady here with the Grand Club who is an excellent golfer, a Hall of Famer, and a person adored by everyone with whom she comes in contact. She is a New Englander by birth, a summer resident of Meredith, N.H., and each year, she takes her fling there with the New Hampshire Women’s Golf Association. The importance of the story is that 30 years of her life was given to health as a nurse.

That name is Debby Crowley.

Completing her game with the Golf Assocation, Crowley’s skills were brought into play as she entered the dining hall after an emergency call was placed for help to a fellow player who suddenly appeared to suffer a stroke — or worse.

According to bystanders, it was a very serious situation. When the victim started to wobble in her chair, Crowley suggested moving her to the floor and on to the hard wood. For 20 minutes, Palm Coast’s Crowley put to work every treatment skill from her career while awaiting paramedics to arrive.

The victim, who finished third in the tournament, survived after being paralyzed on her right side and was unable to speak. Those present were fearful of how much worse it could’ve been. Death wasn’t out of the question.

Crowley, with her nursing ability, made a difference.

As the victim’s husband stated in a newspaper story, “The action of Debby Crowley and other golfing companions saved my wife’s life.”

Now you have another reason to know why this Palm Coast lady is so popular and respected by golfers here and elsewhere.

A special ace
Mimi Lenio, one of the many special persons in golf, plucked the second hole-in-one of her life.

It was an 87-yard shot on the 13th hole at Halifax with a pitching wedge while playing the game with Patti McClintock and Kelly Pirkle.

“It was a thrill,” she said. “The first one I didn’t see, but this one, I watched drop into the hole.”

Lenio is a volunteer with First Tee work for youngsters.


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