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Palm Coast Friday, Nov. 15, 2019 11 months ago

COPS CORNER: Not a clean getaway

Also in Cops Corner: Drunk man in crashed car insists he wasn't in car crash.
by: Jonathan Simmons News Editor

Nov. 3

Not a clean getaway

2:17 p.m. 200 block of South Coopers Hawk Way

Burglary. An employee of a residential construction company arrived to one of the company’s builds and discovered that someone had stolen the home’s washer and dryer.

Deputies checked footage from neighboring houses’ home surveillance cameras, and one camera showed a man pull up to the vacant house in a white Dodge Ram pickup truck, enter the house, exit with the washing machine and the dryer, load them into the truck, cover them with a tarp and drive off.

Deputies used license plate readers to track the Dodge to a home on Forest Hill Drive. A deputy also recognized the driver. When they arrived at the house, they noticed that an old dryer was sitting in the driveway.

The resident “became very defensive” and refused when a deputy asked to see the washer and dryer he was using in the house. 

The deputies got a search warrant, verified that the serial numbers of the machines in the house matched those of the ones that had been stolen, and arrested the man.

Nov. 7

Memory lapse

2:08 a.m. First block of Old Kings Road North.

DUI. A deputy was on Old Kings Road when a car passed him, veered into a palm tree near the bowling alley, then backed up and continued onto the roadway.

The deputy and his partner stopped the car and were walking up to speak with the driver when the car started to pull away. They banged on the windows, and it stopped.

As the deputies ordered him out of the car, the driver became irate and tried to pull away again. The deputies pulled him out of the car, which was badly damaged.

The man, who smelled of booze, swore at the deputies and spit at one of them (he missed), and showed signs of memory issues — including insisting that he had not been in a car crash. 

They arrested him for the DUI crash and for assaulting an officer (for the spitting).

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