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COPS CORNER: Man hears strange noise, fears burglars, shoots own hand

Also in Cops Corner: A dog disappears from a car at night while its owner is in the ER
Oct. 15, 2015

Oct. 14

Man hears strange noise, fears burglars, shoots own hand

4:13 a.m. 5900 block of Walnut Avenue, Bunnell. Shooting: A Bunnell man accidentally shot himself through the hand Oct. 14 when he heard a strange noise in the house in the early morning hours and reached for his revolver, fearing burglars.

The man, a 53-year-old Walnut Avenue resident, had been sleeping at about 3 a.m. when he heard a noise at the front porch, according to a Sheriff’s Office incident report. Still “half asleep,” he told a Sheriff’s Office deputy who interviewed him at the hospital, the man reached for his .38 special snub-nose revolver on the nightstand. 

But as grabbed the gun, he pulled the hammer back and pulled the trigger, firing a bullet into his left hand between his thumb and pointer finger, he told the deputy.

The man put the gun in a closet and ran his hand under cold water for several minutes, then went to Florida Hospital Flagler. A nurse told the deputy that the man had said he kept the gun under a pillow. The man told a deputy that he’d gone for the gun because the home had been burglarized in the past. 

Oct. 9

Dog disappears from man's car while he visits emergency room

9:25 p.m. First block of Memorial Medical Parkway. Burglary from vehicle: A 26-year-old man went to the emergency room the night of Oct. 9 for about an hour, then returned to his car to find that his puppy, Rosco — who he'd left in a crate in his unlocked white four-door Suzuki Swift, with all of the windows down — was gone. 

He told a deputy that he didn't know anyone who might have taken the pooch, a brown, 6-month-old pitbull and Labrador retriever mix with a white stripe on its neck and white paws.

"There is also a possibility that the dog may have let himself out of the crate," the deputy wrote in a case report.

The deputy searched the area but couldn't find the pup, and another deputy didn't find any dogs at the Humane Society shelter that matched Rosco's description. Hospital staff members agreed to review surveillance camera footage and contact the Sheriff's Office if they saw anything suspicious.