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Palm Coast Friday, Dec. 18, 2015 3 years ago

COPS CORNER: Foiled by a glass door

Also in COPS CORNER: When you really, really need a cigarette — or a few thousand
by: Jonathan Simmons News Editor

Dec. 15

Foiled by a glass door

2:43 a.m. 3400 block of U.S. 1. Attempted burglary: The doors to the gas station were made of glass, but a would-be thief still couldn’t make it inside. The thief, a man, got to the empty, closed gas station at about 2:39 a.m. in a Nissan, surveillance video showed. He got out of the car and put a T-shirt over his head, and grabbed a brick and a duffel bag from the trunk. He tried throwing the brick at the gas station’s glass front door. It didn’t break. Then the man — who was about 280-300 pounds, according to a deputy’s report — tried kicking it in. Still no luck. He tried body slamming it, and it still didn’t break. Finally, he gave up and left. A deputy who checked the door noted that the glass had shattered but was still intact. The gas station manager told the deputy it would cost about $2,400 to repair the door.

When you really, really need a cigarette — or a few thousand

3:13 a.m. 6700 block of State Road 100. Commercial burglary: A deputy arrived at a gas station on U.S. to check into a burglary alarm call. The deputy noted that the glass front door was marked with “a stone type material” that he thief had thrown against it, much as in an attempted burglary at a gas station on U.S.1 just half an hour before. At the S.R. 100 gas station, the thief didn't break the glass door but made it inside the gas station some other way, and deputies found another door unlocked. The only things stolen were cartons of cigarettes — about $800 worth, according to the property controller. Deputies believed the cigarette thief was the same man who’d tried to break into the gas station on U.S. 1 earlier that night, according to a deputy's report. 

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