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Palm Coast Thursday, Mar. 10, 2022 3 months ago

COPS CORNER: False ID leads to arrest

Also in Cops Corner: Teen tells deputy she smokes 'a lot' of marijuana.
by: Jonathan Simmons Senior Editor

March 1

False ID leads to arrest

8:17 a.m. Interstate 95, Palm Coast

False name given to law enforcement. Someone called the Sheriff’s Office’s dispatch center and reported that a woman was stumbling around on the median of I-95. 

A deputy arrived in the area and noticed a car pulled over with its flashers on, with a woman in the driver’s seat. She matched the caller’s description of the woman in the median. 

The deputy asked her if she was OK and if she’d been walking in the median.

She replied that she’d run out of gas. But she seemed nervous and confused, and the deputy asked her for her name and ID.

She gave the deputy a name, and provided an ID card that matched that name, but bore a photo showing someone that clearly wasn’t her. 

Later, she admitted that the ID card belonged to a friend. The deputy arrested her. 


Teen tells deputy she smokes 'a lot' of marijuana

1:26 a.m. Bird of Paradise Drive at Belle Terre Parkway

Hashish possession, marijuana possession, possession of a controlled substance. A deputy stopped a car that was going 40 mph in a 30-mph zone with an inoperable headlight.

The deputy could smell marijuana from the car while walking up to it, according to an arrest report.

There were two 18 year old women and a 16-year-old girl in the car. THC cartridges and marijuana were scattered around the interior. 

One of the 18-year-olds admitted to having bought the drugs in Daytona.

The deputy asked what they’d planned to do with all that marijuana, according to the report. 

One of the girls “stated it was for personal use, as they both smoke a lot.”

The deputy told the teens that the amount of marijuana they possessed exceeded the amount classified as for personal use. One of the teens agreed, but said the teens didn’t have any intention to sell it. 

The deputy arrested the 18-year-old who’d admitted to buying the drugs.

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