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Palm Coast Thursday, Dec. 2, 2021 8 months ago

COPS CORNER: Drunk snoozes at drive-thru menu

Also in Cops Corner: Man hides worker's leaf blower
by: Jonathan Simmons Managing Editor

Nov. 19 

Drunk snoozes at drive-thru menu

11:19 p.m. 4800 block of Belle Terre Parkway

DUI. A deputy responded to a local fast food restaurant for a call about an impaired driver. When the deputy arrived, a car was idling in the drive-thru line near the menu with its driver, a man, asleep at the wheel.

The deputy knocked at the window, and the man woke up and took his foot off the brake. The car started rolling toward the drive-thru menu as the deputy, still knocking at the window, shouted at the man to put the car in park. The man put the car in reverse before finding park.

When he stepped out of the car, he was swaying and smelled of alcohol. The deputy asked him if he needed medical attention. He said no, then added that he'd fallen asleep and had been drinking in a nearby bar. He refused field sobriety testing. The deputy arrested him.


Nov. 23

Man hides worker's leaf blower

6:22 p.m. 300 block of Palm Coast Parkway Northeast

Petit theft with previous conviction. A worker was using a leaf blower outside a local community center, and set it down next to a gate while entering the restroom.

When he emerged, a man was standing next to the gate and asked the worker if he was alone. The worker said no, and the man said "Have a nice day," then walked off. 

The worker then noticed that the leaf blower was gone. He followed where the man had walked to see if the man had moved it, and called a coworker to see if the coworker had picked it up. 

The man overheard, and asked the worker if his coworkers were "messing with him" about the blower. The man then got into a car and left, and the worker found the blower behind some hedges near the restroom.

A park security camera showed that the man had grabbed the blower and dropped it behind the hedge while the worker was in the bathroom. 

Deputies tracked the man down by using his license plate number. He had a previous conviction for theft. They arrested him.



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