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Palm Coast Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018 2 years ago

Commission chairman won't answer Observer's survey. Instead, this

Greg Hansen was appointed by Gov. Rick Scott 18 months ago. This is his first election.
by: Guest Writer

Editor's Note: Each candidate was given the opportunity to answer questions for the Palm Coast Observer's Election Guide. Each candidate also had the chance to offer a supplemental letter to the editor to further explain their survey responses, which were given on a scale of 1-10. County Commission incumbent Greg Hansen declined to participate in the numbered survey responses. Here is his letter response:

I have chosen the opportunity to respond to your election questionnaire as an op-ed piece because I believe your questions reflect very poorly on our community. It has been my great pleasure to serve on this commission after being appointed by Gov. Rick Scott just 18 months ago.

My opponents are campaigning on the fact that the county is raising taxes and we are not even finished with our budget. It would be irresponsible for anybody to comment without all the facts being in. I do not favor raising taxes; I believe in keeping them low. And that is how I intend to vote.

I believe the city of Palm Coast and Flagler County have a very good working relationship. The progress we have made here in our economic growth is proof of that fact. There will always be disagreements as they look out for the city and we look out for the county. But, I think we are heading in the right direction.

The facts are not all in regarding our Sheriff’s Operation Center and will not be for quite some time. Our men and women in uniform who keep this community safe must be afforded the same option and must be our first priority. I support them 100% and have made myself available to them at any time. I did not approve of this site from the get go. Had I been on the commission at the time, I would have voted it down.  

Flagler County already does provide economic incentives to new business coming into the county. We’ve made some great progress in this regard, and I am excited to be a part of welcoming new businesses to our area.

Our tourism budget does not come from local taxpayer dollars but from our bed tax. It is totally self-supporting. Being a beach city area, tourism is tremendously important to us, as is our agriculture. I will fight to preserve both.

As a commissioner, I feel we need to preserve the right to set the standards and preserve local control over our vacation rentals here.   I also support local government and home rule. Government that is closest to the people is the best government!

As a veteran of 27 years of Naval service, I consider it a great honor to have been appointed to this position by Gov. Scott. And I have done my very best to earn the trust and confidence he has placed in me. Handling major projects such as beach replenishment and Marineland Acres drainage, obtaining state and federal dollars to fund these projects and finally obtaining FEMA dollars to reimburse our hurricane expenditures have been some of my top priorities. 

If re-elected I will continue to work hard to improve our quality of life by keeping taxes low and increasing economic opportunities for our citizens and businesses in Flagler County.

Greg Hansen


Flagler County Board of County Commissioners


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