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Palm Coast Tuesday, Mar. 15, 2022 3 months ago

City to add kayak launch, non-motorized boat launch at Waterfront Park

The city expects to add educational kiosks and additional parking in the future.
by: Jonathan Simmons Senior Editor

Waterfront Park, branching off from Colbert Lane along the Intracoastal Waterway, is one of Palm Coast's more popular natural destinations.

"There'll be more area for residents to enjoy a natural setting."


— DAVID ALFIN, Palm Coast mayor

“It’s a crossroads of recreation,” city Stormwater and Engineering Director Carl Cote told City Council members at a March 15 council meeting. “We have trails, we have fishing piers, so lots of activities occur here. It’s very active.”

But there’s one problem: Much of it’s inaccessible.

“It’s green, but we can’t really enjoy it as a park because you can’t get into it,” Mayor David Alfin said.

That’s changing: The city is planning to add a non-motorized boat launch and floating dock at the park, which currently doesn’t have water access.

The boat launch would be usable for small, non-motorized boats and emergency vessels, while a sand kayak and canoe launch would be added nearby, with a staging area. The city would also add a concrete patio and stabilize the shoreline, and plans to add educational boating awareness kiosks.

With the new project, Alfin said, the park will be more usable.

“There’ll be more area for residents to enjoy a natural setting,” he said.

The city is seeking a Florida Inland Navigation District grant of $175,750 to fund the addition of the boat launch and dock, plus needed dredging and shoreline stabilization. The $175,750 is the third part of a three-year grant from FIND: The city applied for, and received, the first two parts in previous years.

The city will also apply for additional grant funding in the future to add a new parking lot, Cote said.

“We are looking to go out to bid for construction here shortly, and apply for part three of the grant,” he said.

Overall, the improvements at the park are expected to cost $1.1 million, and with FIND covering $533,000, including the portions of the three part grant that have already been awarded. Previous work at the park funded by the district has included the restrooms, fishing pier and pavilion.

“I think this is tremendous project,” City Councilman Nick Klufas said. “... Water access is only going to take it to the next level. I love going over there frequently, and that parking is really going to be a longterm solution too, because right now in the summertime, there’s so many people that walk and utilize that pathway. It just speaks to the level of amenity that we have there.”

“I love to go there, show my friends when they come in, ‘This is what we’ve got,’” City Councilman Eddie Branquinho said. “... Parking — no doubt about it, it’s needed. I think this is going to be even better than what it already is. So sometimes, ‘Invest to save,’ and I think this is a good investment.”

Planned work at Waterfront Park will add a kayak and canoe launch, staging area, parking and concrete patio, as shown in this site plan displayed at a City Council meeting.



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