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Palm Coast Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2015 6 years ago

City: No air quality problems on Florida Park Drive

The air quality along Florida Park Drive is just fine, according to city officials.
by: Jonathan Simmons News Editor

City staff members told the city council at its Aug. 25 workshop that pollutants measured at the city’s busiest intersection — Palm Coast Parkway and Cypress Point Parkway/Boulder Rock Drive — don’t even come close to exceeding state pollution standards or National Ambient Air Quality Standards.

The city studied that intersection as a “worst-case scenario,” staff members said: Not only does the area get heavy traffic, but much of that traffic is stop-and-go, which increases emissions. 

FDOT standards mandate further screening if concentrates exceed 35 parts per million for a one-hour period or nine parts per million for an eight-hour period.

The Palm Coast Parkway and Cypress Point Parkway concentrates aren’t even a third of that level, staff members said, and if that intersection is in no danger of violating air quality standards, the less busy Florida Park Drive isn’t, either — regardless of resident complaints. 

“They’re not even close in volume,” Palm Coast City Manager Jim Landon said. “It’s really a waste of time, and more particularly money, to analyze it further and expect that you’re going to get results that are worse than Palm Coast Parkway.”

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