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Palm Coast Tuesday, Sep. 11, 2018 1 year ago

City may alter regulations for driveways, garages

The City Council will vote on the proposals at a future meeting.
by: Jonathan Simmons News Editor

Palm Coast may alter its standards on driveways and garages to allow more space in driveways and update requirements for garage sizes.

The Palm Coast City Council considered some options during its Sept. 11 workshop, including increasing by 100 square feet — up to a total of 1,300 rather than the current 1,200 — the square footage allowable for duplexes that are required to have a minimum of a single-car garage, and altering the garage requirements for townhomes so that they match the proposed standards for duplexes; currently, townhomes up to 1500 feet, but duplexes up to 1,200 feet, are permitted to have only a one-car garage.

Councilman Bob Cuff and Councilman Vincent Lyon were not convinced of the logic of adding an extra 100 feet to the criteria for duplexes that are permitted to have only a one-car garage. Cuff said he also didn't see a reason for duplexes and townhouse to have different requirements. Other council members agreed. 

The council will consider the proposal again during a future business meeting, and will also consider additional widths for driveways, more circular driveway options and turn-a-rounds for driveway safety.

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