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Palm Coast Thursday, Dec. 23, 2010 9 years ago

Christmas wishes to our golfers

by: Jock MacKenzie Contributing Writer

We print guys love to play Santa Claus when December rolls around. There are no toys or fancy apparel, but there are lots of joyful wishes.

In my stroll down Santa Claus Lane, I could never swing by the Harry Davis household without gracious thanks for knowing this marvelous person and his beautiful actress daughter, Wendy, who enthralled all of us at the Hall of Fame presentation, staged by the Grand Club.

While in that area of Cypress, I surely wouldn’t miss wishing happy holidays to Mike Tsouklaris and Eric Gonzales.

I think maybe some of you from those original days of Palm Harbor may have forgotten a special cart attendant, Fred Sherman, who made the day better for each of us as we prepared to swing away. That’s why there are special thoughts for this nice man and his pretty wife, Phyllis. Santa never forgets good people.

While lingering there, I would reach to the best part of my gift bag for people a good Santa always remembers: Roy Barfield, George Pollio, Ray Epperson, Judd Canty, Norma Kendrick, Fred Klienfelder, Millie DeStefano, Dave Lancer, Fran Crotto, Bob Ross, Dan Kelly, Dale Bell, Dennis Sheridan, Mike Jackson and special friend Bob Lawrence, who made every day nicer for each of us.

I will take out the best while looking for the chimneys of Allen Howell, Karen Jenkins, Victor and Dora Covelli, Dick Ackerman, Jim Canfield, Toni Loretti, Gladys Moore, Gene Thrower, Carolyn McLaughlin, Sue Gronwoldt, Bill and Alice Dralle, and Dick and Helen Perlman. Jack Tevnan, David Ragsdale, Jim Spencer, Ed Mylis and two especially good guys from the colonel’s list, Bob Jones and Jerry Edwards.

Santa would never forget terrific people such as George Rhatigan, Buz Ritzau, Jake Jacoby, Dan Catalan, Tony Maltese, Pete Donlan, Mike Joyce, Mark Ghazi and Kee Rhee.

You know what?  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere I go, and we want you — Diana Mariano, Deb Crowley, Dora Garcia, Marcia Hayton, Mimi Lenio and Stew and Alice Manthey — to know that Santa will be there with bells jingling.

I’m also on my way to Grand Haven for happiest holiday wishes to Chris Duquette, Dane Winger, Rick McArdle, Hawley Rogers and Walt McRae, the classiest people on earth.

Hey, Willard Anderson, where you been? Santa wants to know if you’ve been naughty or nice. OK, word is out you’re nice.

In reality, I’m so blessed to know this many people in or out of golf.

I came up short and did not sing Merry Christmas to the many others I know. That always happens in essays like this, but we’ll make a note for next time out.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere I go, and my sincerest wish is that you and family enjoy the best ever.


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