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Palm Coast Monday, Jun. 13, 2016 3 years ago

Can Palm Coast be the most patriotic city in Florida?

The American Flag Project is determined to have American flags throughout Palm Coast.
by: Lisa Wolfe Staff Writer

Nikki and Larry White, founders of The American Flag Project, have a goal set for July Fourth to make Palm Coast the most patriotic city in Florida. The Whites started the project after Nikki awoke one morning and said, “Larry all we’ve got to do is put flags in front of people.” The thought came after watching a TV program from 2008 where research was done by large universities that studied the influence of the American flag. According to this study, it was proven that the presence of the flag increased voter participation. Nikki hopes to do the same and make Palm Coast the most patriotic city in Florida.

As a young girl, Nikki would watch parades. Whenever she would see an American flag she would get choked up and realize those are positive patriotic feelings. As Nikki explained how the flag affected her as a child, she relived those feelings and was choked up once again.

 “Wow I haven’t done that for a while,” said Nikki as she laughed. “I thought I desensitized myself with all these flags and it’s not working.”

After Nikki’s project idea, a year and a half ago, the Whites started to brainstorm. As an entrepreneur, Larry thought far outside the box and wanted to set a goal to give out 1,000,000 flags a year, realizing quickly that would be hard to implement.

To kick off the project, Nikki never went empty handed when riding her bike; she would hand out flags to people who were outside.

Soon after starting The American Flag Project, Nikki heard about Conley Court: A street with 27 homes and 27 3-by-5-foot American flags along each mailbox. When she saw Conley Court she said, “This is what we’ve got to do, we’ve got to find a way to keep this going.”

The White’s have been handing out waivers, participating at Flagler Beach’s First Friday and have set up 22 jars full of flags throughout Palm Coast. Although the flags are free, the White’s do ask for a donation so they can purchase more flags to spread across Palm Coast.

As the Fourth of July approaches, Nikki realized they needed a short term goal. She hopes that they can have American flags all over town and have Palm Coast recognized as Florida’s most patriotic city.

Nikki stands strong on only handing out flags made in America. Most of the poles though, come from China. Exceptions are made for special orders. Regrettably the American made poles that are more expensive are out of budget for the project. The Whites have started The American Flag Project paying costs up front out of their own pockets and rely on donations to replenish mailbox flags. Nikki hopes to one day start a pole making company where Disabled American Veterans and locals who are still unemployed can work.

The Whites hope to make their goal for July Fourth and on June 21 they will be receiving a proclamation from the City of Palm Coast.

The American Flag Project is looking for a patriotic benefactor before July Fourth to make Palm Coast the most patriotic city so they can purchase 1,000 mailbox flags. If you’d like to be that $500 benefactor or would just like to donate visit


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