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Palm Coast Saturday, Mar. 17, 2012 8 years ago

Calling all women to the game of golf

by: Jock MacKenzie Contributing Writer

I’m nowhere near as good at this game called golf as are the wonderful guys I play with, but I do know that our game needs more women to get involved, including youngsters who have moved up to the high school level.

I remember well and also miss the days at NewsRadio WNZF, when I had a golf show. One day, I was recording a segment that featured a guest appearance by Grand Haven’s Rick McArdle. He is a sensational golfer and is tied for the course record at Grand Haven with a round of 64 — Lou Paolucci recently matched the score.

McArdle, appearing with Matanzas coach Louise Wolfe, featured two guests from the Lady Pirates golf team.

One told us that the boys made fun of girls on the team, telling them they were playing a sissy sport. Now that’s got to hurt.

McArdle added: “For golf to flourish again, young women need to be drawn into the game. Given the percentage of the population that is female, the future of golf is in jeopardy if the number of female players is not replenished.”

Golf course owners will quickly agree. They look at their books in a down economy and tell you more female golfers can save the day.

Matanzas coaches, for example, will relate they could use any help from the Flagler County media to promote their team. They need more players who wish to excel. When they do, college is around the corner, a better chance for admittance than simply applying, and a scholarship are all on the line.

The women who play at area courses are excellent examples of what golf is about. They get a kick out of winning a dollar or five from opponents, and some tuck it away into the cookie jar.

Many of these women could shame the men with their golf ability — red tees, white tees or whatever. Hall-of-Famers Helen Perlman, Ginny Nicewonger, Deb Crowley and Marcia Hayton are excellent examples of that.

As for the young, think for a moment what life could be like on the golf course. They could be Flagler Palm Coast High School graduate Kathy Berg Murray shooting a 76 with a hole-in-one at Grand Reserve and whipping two men in the foursome while earning hero honors for the month.

Remember, golf is a sport with longevity — golfers can play for many, many years.

So, gals, come on. Hop aboard the golf wagon and you, too, will soon have those wonderful and valued friendships.


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