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Palm Coast Monday, May 9, 2022 1 week ago

Brady: Want your vote to count? Register Republican

4 letters: on voter registration, walkouts, government process, US 1 intersection
by: Guest Writer

Switched to Republican so my primary vote will count

Dear Editor:

For the first time in 50 years and the second time in my lifetime, I have switched my party affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

The reason I did this is so that I could vote for a very worthy candidate in the primary, and that candidate is Bonnie Leann Pennington. She is opposing Joe Mullins in the primary for Flagler County Commission District 4.

The sad reality in Flagler County is whoever wins the Republican primary wins the election. Have no fear, Democrats, you can switch back the day after the primary election as I will be doing.

It is very clear to me the Democrats and no-party-affiliated individuals can have a significant effect on the outcome of the election simply by changing party affiliation and voting for a worthy Republican, as opposed to the incumbent.

If 500 Democrats or no-party-affiliated individuals switch parties to Republican and vote in the primary for Bonnie Leann Pennington the incumbent will lose. Losing the Republican primary is tantamount to losing the election.

Temporarily by switching parties, the Democrats who have had little success in elections in Flagler County can have a dramatic effect on the outcome of at least one race.

I have also agreed to help sign petitions for Bonnie, so when my Republican friends see me, please ask to sign a petition.

John Brady

Palm Coast


Student walkouts should not be allowed

Dear Editor:

Simply stated, students attend school to learn. Period. If they feel strongly about an issue, they can demonstrate outside of school hours and not on school property.  

Gene Perez

Palm Coast


Take your time on government action

Dear Editor:

Commissioner Andy Dance is correct. Any government body voting on an issue that has not been thoroughly vetted and discussed should not be voted on. The rationale that things change so lead time on agenda items needs to be short is, in my opinion, absurd.  

If an item on the agenda of either body changes materially within a week of the meeting, pull it from the agenda. Neither body deals with things that cannot wait until the next meeting. Pulling such agenda items will result in changes being made with sufficient lead time to study the matter thoroughly. 

Thoroughness, not speed, should be the impetus for voting on an item. 

Voting on an item that has not been thoroughly vetted is dereliction of duty and a violation of the trust the public placed in the officials when they were elected.

Gene Perez

Palm Coast


Impossible for heavy trucks to stop?

Dear Editor:

We might have a serious problem at the U.S. 1 exit from Plantation Bay with 18-wheeler trucks running the stop light.  I was going through the stop light, which had been green for several seconds, when I was just missed by an 18-wheeler trailer carrying a load of plywood, running the red light on U.S. 1, traveling at a high speed and blowing his horn the entire way through the intersection. 

If I didn't slow down to look, basically treating the traffic light like it was stop sign, then I would not be alive today. My wife put this incident on the website for Plantation Bay, and we have had over 100 responses of people relating similar near accidents with trucks running that light. 

I recorded the information off the truck as it was waiting to get on I-95 south and later called them. The driver told me there is no way to safely stop at that intersection if you are carrying a heavy load, and my discussion with the Sheriff's Office in Volusia verified that as well. 

Just a few weeks ago, a tractor trailer was in the ditch at the entrance to Plantation Bay coming from the south side of U.S. 1 and traffic was detoured for hours getting around that accident scene. Maybe the data does not support doing anything with this intersection, but many of us here in Plantation Bay know people who have been killed there over the years.

Charles Michael Sitero

Ormond beach


Facebook Feedback

The following storing elicited the most comments this week:

The existing dumpster pad (at the city-owned Funky Pelican property) has been in poor condition for years, according to the Flagler Beach city manager, but some city commissioners weren't happy about having to spend $420,000 for a fix.

Jeffrey Vasilinda: This is a textbook case as to why everyone is disgusted with government: $400,000 for a place to park trashcans on. Government, thanks for the laugh, but you actually make me sad for this country's future.

Shelly Malikowski: Yes to fixing the problem. But 420k is a ridiculous amount to spend. Who’s your procurement manager? Why isn’t this person doing their job?

Diane Jordan Cline: Interesting…$500,000 for a tippy cart pad but not enough money to fully staff the beach with guards. Encouraging a multimillion dollar Welcome Center but not enough money to adequately guard their safety.

Stephen Sherman: Does that pad have a built in pool to go with it?

Derick Freese: This is so bad it’s unroastable.

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